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What is lighting | Defination + Basics

Sep 26, 2023

What is the lighting? Natural light and artificial light are 2 sources to make the environment discoverable for humans. Natural is a full spectrum light that contains all the colors of the rainbow. By artificial light sources like fluorescent, LED, and… we trying to simulate natural light in our life. lighting makes an impression on our lives and how this makes us look and feel.

using lighting in decoration

The importance of lighting in interior design

Every interior designer knows that lighting is very important to show the environment. For example, when you want to use a place for relaxing warm white is your best choice, in contrast when you want to use a room for work or studying it’s better to use cool white lighting. General lighting. Task lighting. Accent lighting. These are 3 type of lighting that is very important for interior designers.

using lighting in interior design

General lighting 

We have general lighting and ambient lighting both of which refer to providing an area with an overall not specific. When you enter a place general lighting is the first layer that you see. The temperature of color light depends on the place used. If the place is used for work and concentration, we use daylight and cool light. In a simple word general lighting is the light that helps you move and walk around safely. The first important step of indoor lighting is general lighting, which is the light that provides basic lighting.

Task lighting

the other word for task lighting is direct lighting which is used for specific applications. For example, when you are washing the dishes, cooking, studying, sewing, or doing other specific work you need enough brightness and avoid distracting shadows It means that we need task lighting. Task lighting is necessary for eye health and concentration. If you want to do your task well you need direct lighting. By keeping in mind with task lighting you can do your best.

task lighting for studying

Accent lighting

What is accent lighting? The best lamp for this type of lighting design is LED. With this lamp, You can focus on a specific location or area. This is the best way to show art pictures, on closets, libraries, plants, driveways, walls, design conference rooms, hotels, etc. This method is often used to highlight a painting. This way the attention gets to the piece of art. makes the space look deeper than it is an optical trick is often used. In simple words can create highlights in space to the attention gets where you want to be magnificent. 

What is the source of lighting?

Nowadays, there are several types of lamps to make artificial lighting. the newest generation of lamps is LEDs. We can see them all over around. Incandescent bulbs were the first technology to bring lighting to around us. These days many types of lamps are used for general and special applications. Some of them are:

Incandescent: as far as you know incandescent bulbs were the first lamps that made artificial lighting. The first thing in our memories is Their brilliant warm white lighting. they are made in an extremely wide range of sizes and wattages. Incandescent bulbs can be used everywhere and are compatible with dimmers and timers, but they aren’t energy savers. Incandescent bulbs unlike LEDs, easily broken.

types of lighting

Halogen: halogen lamp is a kind of incandescent that is more brilliant and attractive. These types of lamps are made in many sizes, especially tiny shapes, and therefore widely used in lighting,  halogen lamps emit better color temperature than tungsten. All types of halogen that work with DC are dimmable. They are capable with control devices and It’s very important in lighting. the shape of the halogen lamp is another advantage in lighting. By using them you have both beautiful shapes and brilliant light.

LED: the most widely used lamp in the world is LED. They are used in a variety of applications both commercial and residential.  LEDs are energy savers, therefore, you can widely use in everywhere without worrying about heating. LEDs have heat sinking that helps them to emit light without producing heat energy. They are used inside and outside and available in many color temperatures such as warm white, cool white, and in colors red, blue, etc. Meanwhile, led strip lights have many uses. Brightness, Light appearance, and Color rendering are 3 advantages that force us to change the lighting with LEDs.

Lighting basics

lighting is a key visual element in every place. Some elements make light brightness in many colors. Here is a simplified guide on what color temperatures are your best choice. To help you select the right color temperature for your setting, we have created a short guide

  • Cct: Correlated Color Temperature measured in the kelvin unit and show how blue or yellow the color of light emitted. which color temperature do we have to choose? It depends on what atmosphere you will decide to create. 3 types of color temperatures are mostly used:
  • 2200-3000k; a warm white color that uses for creating a cozy and friendly atmosphere. Mostly used Warm white sources are halogen lamps. Some LEDs are trying to achieve the color of halogen lamps but not yet achieve it. Orange, red, and yellow are the warm white color. Warm white color is popular in Cafes. restaurants, salons, etc.

lighting basics

  • 3500-5000k:   Radiant and stimulating lighting. cool white color is less friendly and it’s more popular in social places like waiting rooms. The color of these types is between warm light and daylight. Some common areas where cool white can be used are the kitchen, study, bathroom, cupboard, office, and retail. The best lamp to emit cool white is CFL and LEDs. And at the end, cool white is perfect for task lighting.
  • 5000>: Daylight color temperature makes you more focused then It’s the best choice for working and studying. you’ll often find it in street and warehouse lighting. The color of this temperature is blue. The new generation of LED is the best lamp to produce this type of color temperature.  
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