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Adjustable Surface 12W PLX 2008
Price from 1,590,000 TMN
Track Light 20W PLX 1005
Price from 1,390,000 TMN
Adjustable Surface 10W PLX 2007
Price from 1,290,000 TMN
Spot Light 7W PLX 2002
Price from 1,090,000 TMN
Adjustable ‌Beam Angle Track Light 35W PLX 1012
Price from 2,490,000 TMN
Adjustable ‌Beam Angle Track Light 25W PLX 1011
Price from 1,890,000 TMN
Surface Fix 6W PLX 2015
Price from 1,190,000 TMN
Surface Round 9W PLX 2016
Price from 380,000 TMN


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