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Best kitchen lighting ideas for 2023

Sep 26, 2023
kitchen lighting ideas

Having good lighting ideas in a space can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is an easy way to change the overall look and feel of a room. Lighting can also influence the color and mood of different areas, particularly in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, it is important to have open, welcoming indoor lighting. If you are searching for new kitchen lighting ideas, we have gathered a selection of modern options for indoor lighting.

kitchen idea lighting

The kitchen is an essential part of a building, and proper lighting is crucial. There are three types of kitchen lighting design: functional, decorative, and general. It is important to prioritize functional lighting for the most frequently used areas. Decorative lighting can be used to enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen, and general lighting should provide sufficient illumination. Choosing the right lighting equipment, such as chandeliers and dimmers, is key to achieving optimal modern kitchen lighting. Consult with a builder for assistance. There is 2type of lighting you should know to provide better kitchen lighting ideas. 

functional lighting in the kitchen

To make the kitchen more functional, it is important to install lighting in areas that are frequently used such as cabinets, drawers, countertops, and sinks. This type of lighting is meant to illuminate specific areas and enhance visibility.

Kitchen cabinet lighting ideas

Having lighting inside cabinets is important as it is the first thing people do when entering the kitchen. It is recommended to have special lights installed inside and under the ceiling of each cabinet, positioned a few inches away from the door. LED strings can also be used for lighting. Glass cabinets used for decoration can have a suitable light installed in the back.

kitchen cabinet lighting

Light Up Drawers

When you open the refrigerator door, you will feel satisfied that there is a light inside so that you can easily see. For this reason, maybe it is a good idea to use lighting inside the drawers.

Although this may not be necessary, some interior designers are of the opinion that it is better to use this method to see the inside of the drawer better, especially at night. The lighting method of this part should be such that the light turns on when the drawer door is opened and turns off when it is closed.

lighting drawers

Kitchen counter lighting

The counterpart is used to do most of the work in the kitchen. The location of the counter is right on the cabinet, so the easiest way to illuminate them is to install under-cabinet lights.

Remember that most countertops have shiny surfaces because they are made from materials like marble or granite. Therefore, it needs a light source that emits light on the surface of the kitchen counter to prevent light reflection.

Kitchen island lighting ideas

Proper lighting is necessary for food preparation and other tasks on the kitchen island. Decorative items like pendant lights can be used to enhance its appearance, but may also affect the distribution of light. Nonetheless, using pendant lights can create a visually appealing view.

Over-sink kitchen lighting 

When you have done the lighting of the cabinets, drawers, and counter, the next step is the lighting of the sink. To ensure that the dishes are washed properly, it is recommended to use a suitable light on the top of the sink.

decorative lighting in the kitchen

After completing the installation of functional lighting in the kitchen, it is now time to install decorative lighting to highlight the architectural features or areas where aesthetic elements like artwork are present.

In the implementation of this type of lighting, remember that the contrast intensity of light should be at least 3 to 1 compared to general lighting. This means that the amount of light in decorative lighting should be 3 times that of general lighting.

decorative lighting in kitchen

If there is a special part in your kitchen that you want to draw everyone's attention to, the amount of this light can be up to 5 times more

To add decorative lighting in the kitchen, a simple and effective method is to place lights under the cabinets or the island. This helps define the space and provides beautiful lighting at night. If the kitchen floor reflects light, it is recommended to use lights that spread light throughout the area. It's important to use separate power switches or dimmers to control the brightness of each section.

Using a light source on the top of the cabinet can be considered as general and decorative lighting at the same time.

Lighting inside the glass cabinets

This lighting option is ideal for glass cabinets and shelves found in this area. Glass cabinets and shelves are commonly used to display decorative items. Implementing this lighting technique in these areas will enhance the appearance of decorative items and enhance their beauty. Adding a beautiful dish in this space can create a unique and appealing effect in the kitchen.

Kitchen ambient lighting ideas

After completing the functional and decorative lighting, the final step is to install general or ambient lighting. If the previous lighting methods were done properly, minimal additional lighting will be needed. The placement of ceiling lights, chandeliers, or decorative pendant lights should provide sufficient light. When selecting a kitchen chandelier, consider the style and size of the kitchen area.

Ceiling light

Recessed ceiling lamps are popular among people who are interested in interior design and modern kitchen lighting. They have a classic appearance and are very effective. One of their benefits is their ability to work well with various styles of kitchens. 

As the name suggests, these lamps are installed inside the ceiling for kitchen ceiling light ideas. Using these lamps has advantages and disadvantages at the same time.

One of the advantages of using recessed ceiling lamps is their simplicity. This makes it possible to use them in a variety of design styles.

ceiling lighting for kitchen

One of the disadvantages of using this lamp model is creating a shadow in the place of the light beam. Therefore, remember that in addition to using them, you should also use other types of lamps and other lighting methods

hanging chandeliers

Hanging chandeliers are popular in kitchens because they add aesthetic appeal. The height of the chandelier should be based on individual preferences. However, having multiple chandeliers in a kitchen can be overwhelming and should be considered in relation to the kitchen's size. Typically, one chandelier is placed in the center of the kitchen.

How to plan kitchen lighting

According to experts, it is recommended to determine the placement of light bulbs during the early stages of kitchen design to avoid limitations later on. Practical lighting is necessary in areas such as food preparation areas, above the gas stove, and above the sink. The size, design, and amount of natural light in the kitchen should also be taken into consideration when implementing lighting.

Bright ideas to light your kitchen right

The most convenient way to control kitchen lighting design is by using electrical switches to turn the lamps on and off. However, there are alternative methods such as using dimmers to adjust the brightness of the lights. Another option is utilizing smart technology, which allows for controlling lighting by smartphones.

At the end of the job, it is important to inspect the entire kitchen to ensure that no areas have been overlooked. Additionally, it is important to consider the placement of electrical sockets and switches. When installing switches, it is important to ensure they are easily accessible. Each kitchen has its own unique design, allowing for the incorporation of decorative elements such as photo frames or paintings. This discussion provides tips on selecting appropriate lighting devices for the kitchen. What lighting methods or devices have you utilized in your own kitchen?

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