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How to Repair LED Bulbs and Fix Blinking Issues at Home | DIY Guide

May 14, 2024
How to Repair LED Bulbs and Fix Blinking Issues at Home | DIY Guide

Repairing LED bulbs is simple and is done in several steps. The lifespan of these lamps is very long, but sometimes the LED lamp may be out of order.LED lamps are the most importanct Before repairing the LED lamp, it is necessary to be familiar with some of its components.

The most common cause of burning of these products is related to the burning of its light diodes. Other factors also cause the burning and half-burning of lamps. If you have a question about how to repair LED bulbs stay with us until the end of this article. In this article, we will discuss the causes of lamp burn, LED lamp components and how to repair LED bulb at home

how to repair led bulb

What we read next:

  • The cause of burning LED lamp
  • LED lamp components
  • How to repair LED lamps
  • Tools needed to repair LED lamps
  • LED lamp board repair steps
  • LED drive testing and troubleshooting
  • The cause of burning LED lamp

Before entering into the topic of education, it is better to check the most important cause or causes of lamp burn. One of the benefits of led lighting is that has a long lifespan. But many factors cause them to burn and reduce LED lifespan. The cause of burns can be related to two factors: quality and improper use of the product.

some of the reasons for the burning of the LED lamp

  • Low-quality LED lamp
  • Removal of the circuit in lamps with DOB technology
  • Poor quality of the chip, printed circuit or PCP
  • The use of fake and grade 3 ICs
  • Use of pins instead of ICs in lamp circuits
  • Removing the heat sink from the lamp components
  • Reducing the amount of aluminium in the lamp body and equipment
  • Reducing the thickness of the chipset
  • Reducing the amount of heat transfer glue
  • Improper use of LED lamps
  • Physical damage to the lamp, such as pressure and impact
  • Use a dimmer to control the amount of light
  • Use in wet environments or the rain
  • Use in too-hot and too-cold environments
  • Output voltage too low or too high
  • Using the lamp in closed environments where air does not flow.

how to repair led bulb at home

what are LED components

what is led? LED lighting is popular choice for indoor lighting due to its energy efficiency and long lifespan. In the continuation of the repair LED bulbs tutorial, we will discuss the components of the LED lamp. The structure of the LED lamp is such that a large number of light-emitting diodes are placed on a circuit or chip set. These diodes are located on a circuit in series. For this reason, the burning of one of these diodes causes the entire lamp to fail. For this reason, the most important part of repairing LED bulbs is to check their range.

In general, LED lamps consist of three main parts:

  • Lamp frame: all components of a lamp are placed inside the lamp frame. The bulb of the lamp and the heat sink are also considered part of the frame.
  • Printed circuit board: All the diodes and LEDs used in a lamp are installed on the printed circuit board.
  • Drive: This equipment converts high-voltage electricity to the amount of electricity required for the LEDs.

If you want to know about LED bulbs

how to repair the led lights flickering problem, we must say that troubleshooting is the most important part of light bulb repair. Usually, the fault of lamps is divided into the following two main parts:

  • Burning or breaking of LED parts
  • Problem in the LED drive

repair LED bulbs training

Most of the time, the burning of the LED lamp is related to the damage of the light diodes. Failure of the diodes causes the lamp to dim or burn out. Some problems in the lamp, such as flashing, also occur due to the presence of defects in the lamp circuit. In the following, we will discuss the method of making the LED lamp.

how to repair led bulb blinking problem

Tools needed to repair LED bulbs

The most important tools needed to repair LED bulbs are the following:

  • multimeter
  • Soldering System
  • Pliers or tweezers
  • LED chip strip
  • solder wire
  • safety tips

A lamp connected to electricity should never be opened. Because the possibility of electric shock is high.

After the power off, you must wait for 1 minute or more until the power in the lamp driver is discharged.

LED lamp repair steps

Repairing the board of these lamps is not a difficult task. We will continue to teach it:

The first stage of LED lamp repair: is removing the lamp bulb

In how to repair the LED lamp, the first step is dedicated to removing the bubble from the lamp. The way to open the bulb of the LED lamp is simple. The bulb of LED lamps is connected to the body with a special glue. To open this bubble, just twist it. The way to open the big LED lamp is also the same.

Second step: Check diodes and circuits

At this point, you should check the diodes and circuits. Optical diodes are arranged in rows in the chipset. The colour of these chipsets depends on the colour of the light bulb.

Healthy chipsets are pale yellow and full of colour. Chipsets that are burnt or damaged change color or small black spots appear on them. You can also use a multimeter to identify burnt diodes.

Third step: disconnecting the burnt diode

At this stage of repairing the LED lamp, after you have recognized that the diode is burnt and out of order, use a phase meter or a thin tail to remove the upper and yellow layer of the diode. You can use a soldering iron to heat both sides of the defective LED to separate it from the board. At this stage, pay attention not to damage the main board itself.

Fourth step: removing the burnt diode from the lamp circuit

After removing this layer with the help of solder, solder on the diode. Doing this removes the burned diode from the lamp circuit and other diodes continue to function properly. If you don't plan to replace the burned diode with a new one, you should keep in mind that the voltage and pressure on the other diodes will increase and they may be damaged.

You can use a pair of tweezers to place the new LED in place of the burned diode and solder its two ends on the board with a soldering iron. At this stage, pay attention that the positive and negative ends are placed correctly.

Step 5: Close the lamp bulb

In the last stage of repairing the LED lamp, you should put the lamp board in a special place and close the lamp bulb tightly. If the burning of the lamp is related to this issue, the lamp will turn on after removing the damaged diode from the circuit.

If the lamp does not turn on, check its base. If there is a problem with the screw, this part must be replaced. The important point in this section is that replacing the screw is a more specialized matter and there is a possibility of electric shock.

Fix LED bulb

LED drive testing and troubleshooting

LED lamp repairs are not limited to the above steps. You should test the lamp after repair. By connecting the drive to the mains electricity and measuring the output voltage, you can check its health condition. For example, LED panel drivers can be connected to a healthy panel and checked in this way. Troubleshooting the repair of a burnt LED lamp is an important issue. Because the connection may not be established properly.

The burning of LED lamps is less related to the burning of the drive. For drives that have protection circuits, if the LEDs are damaged, the drive remains intact.

Drives whose output voltage fluctuates or is completely cut off may have damaged pins. The problem of the capacitor in the drive can also be seen from its appearance.

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