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LED bulb, which is also known as SMD lamps, is used in lighting or decorations and one of our lighting equipment collection. LED derived from Light emitting diode. Light-emitting diodes are part of the family of diodes which are a sub-group of semiconductors. The obvious difference between LEDs and other semiconductors is that with the passage of electric current, some energy is emitted from them in the form of light. In the rest of this article, we will examine the history, types, and prices of LED lamps.

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Buy LED bulb:

To buy an LED bulb, we must first know the type of lamp that is going to be used in it, to ensure the type of its base. To buy an LED bulb and replace it with a halogen lamp, we must pay attention to the type of screw base. Buying LED bulbs can be confusing due to the wide variety of these lamps. Buying LED lamps for projectors of SMD and COB type should be done with full knowledge of the type of these lamps.

History of LED bulb:

Before the introduction of LED bulbs, 3 types of lamps were used for indoor lighting: incandescent, fluorescent, and metal halide lamps. These lamps were considered the most efficient types of lamps before LED light. The first low-power LED lamps were produced in the early 1960s, which were limited to low frequencies and in the red-light color spectrum. The first blue LED was presented in 1994 by Nichia.

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Blue LEDs as well as high-efficiency LEDs led to the formation of the first white LED. In this type of LED, a phosphor coating was used to convert part of the blue light produced into red and green frequencies, creating a light that appears white. In 1998, the first LED Christmas tree was unveiled by the Chinese. At the beginning of the 21st century, new applications of LED technology were popularized by the United States and the Japanese. In 2008, the lighting department of Philips stopped researching fluorescent lamps and focused on the lamps of this group, and on August 3, 2011, it won the award for replacing 60-watt filament lamps with LED light.

Types of LED lamps:

There are different types of LED light and this variety is increasing. The types of LED lamps can be divided into the following four groups:

  • Led bulb: LED bulbs are generally produced to replace old bulbs. Generally, the cap of this type of lamp is e14 and e27. which replace Edison LED lamps and candle LED lights. They are used in the production of light projectors, wall washers, and other lights. 
  • Led filament lamp: Filament LED light is one of the most beautiful types of LED lamp. Filament LED lamps are gorgeous and charming like incandescent lamps although have efficiency and a long-life time.
  • LED halogen lamp (SMD_COB): SMD and COB lamps are the new generation of LED lamps. These lamps emit a dazzling light in a very small size. SMD lamp is the technology of placing diodes in the form of a plate and side by side on the electric circuit. It is suitable for lighting spaces that require uniform light. COB LED In this method, the LEDs are placed together in a concentrated and circular manner. It is suitable for spaces that need concentrated light.
  • Led tube lamps: LED moonlight lamps can easily replace old fluorescent lamps. Moonlight LED lamps are offered with the same efficiency and at the same time, less consumption and a more beautiful appearance.

Color temperature in LED lamps:

The color of the light in the LED bulb is described based on the color temperature index in Kelvin. Determining the color of the light source is done by comparing the light source with the color of a black object. The black object does not emit any light and absorbs all the reflected light (an object like platinum). If the color temperature is more than 4000 Kelvin, it is known as cold and white light and if it is lower than 3000 Kelvin, it is known as warm light.

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LED bulb price:

Due to the variety of LED lamps in different production powers, different appearances, and different applications, the LED bulb price includes a variety of efficiency, the minimum price of which is related to the LED refrigerator lamp, and the maximum price is related to It is a 50w led bulb. You, dear customers, can purchase LED bulbs through this site after seeing the complete information about the types of LED lamps and the price of the corresponding LED bulbs.

LED lamp structure:

An LED lamp consists of three parts: the body, the driver, and the LED itself. The body is the outer part of the lamp that transfers the heat produced inside the lamp to the outside environment and increases the life of the lamp. The best material for the body is aluminum. The driver converts the input voltage (220V) into the constant current required by the LED. The main and most diverse part of the LED lamp is related to the LED used in it. Therefore, the structure of the LED lamp is defined as follows:

  • Bulb: for protection and emit uniform light
  • LED board: LEDs are placed on the board in the form of a printed circuit and its material is made of aluminum for better heat transfer.
  • Heat sink: The increase in the temperature of semiconductors reduces the life of the lamp, for this purpose, coolers are used.
  • base: The header is used to supply electricity to the driver and also to screw the lamp in the bulb.
  • Driver: The driver is a step-down power supply that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and adjusts this current according to the type of LED in such a way that maximum efficiency is achieved. The more quality and accurate the lamp driver is designed, the longer the life of the lamp will be.

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Advantages of LED lamps:

  • Long lifespan
  • Reaching the maximum light as soon as it is turned on
  • Not using mercury gas, as well as not emitting UV and IR rays
  • Producing light with the desired color while producing low heat,
  • Resistant to external shocks

The type of AC and DC is one of the advantages of LED lamps. The lifespan of an LED lamp is between 50,000 and 60,000 hours, which is much higher than other lamps. Also, the lifespan of an LED bulb has nothing to do with the number of times it is turned on and off, and one LED bulb can be used millions of times. It is turned on and off many times and its lifespan is a function of the duration of the LED bulb.

One of the advantages of Pollux LED bulbs is optimal light efficiency. The light efficiency of the LED lamp is between 74 and 120 lumens per watt, which is much higher than other lamps. Another advantage of the LED bulb is the short start-up time. The LED bulb does not have a delay in turning on and it turns on as soon as the voltage reaches the lamp. In the LED bulb, it is possible to adjust the light intensity. The light in the LED lamp does not emit in all directions and there is a possibility to adjust the angle of radiation for the consumer.

Applications of LED bulbs:

Today, LED lamps are widely used in the production of lighting, general, practical, and decorative lighting: Due to the variety of colors in LED bulbs, they are used for various lighting purposes. The lighting of museums: The light produced by LED bulbs does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, so they are used to illuminate valuable objects in museums. LED lamps are used in lighting streets, parking lots, public and private roads, highways, freeways, and buildings.