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Types of ceiling lights | Buyer's Guide: Choose the best one

Jan 16, 2024
Types of ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are a part of indoor lighting, they are vital in helping to create the right atmosphere in your home. Choosing the right types of ceiling lights can also make a big difference in the usability of a room, and you need to make sure that your light is functional and fit for purpose. Some types of ceiling light fixtures work better than and, as well as their pros and cons, will guide you in choosing the right types of ceiling lights for your space. if you are planning to buy types of ceiling lights, stay with us until the end of this ceiling lights buyer's guide.

The right lighting completes the look of your home. In fact, in the absence of proper lighting, your interior will not attract the attention it deserves. the right types of ceiling lights can help to better illuminate the spaces without damaging the floor space.

What is a ceiling light

What is a ceiling light?

it should be said that one of the types of lighting fixture in the interior of the house, which apart from creating the required lighting of the space, also complements the appearance of the house, is the ceiling light, and as it is clear from their name, they are suitable for installation on the ceiling and it is possible to install them on the wall. These lights, which are marketed in the form of LED lights, pendants, or chandeliers, can also be installed on regular ceilings or false ceilings with special designs. Using a variety of ceiling lights apart from creating the lighting you want, helps to make the interior of your home look more attractive and modern. These lights have different types so they are suitable for all kinds of spaces and tastes. keep in mind that you must familiarize yourself with the different samples of these products before buying ceiling lights online.

Types of ceiling lights:

To create proper lighting inside the house, you can use a variety of light sources such as types of ceiling lights. These products are mainly divided into hanging and non-hanging types. These lights have a very good variety and people can buy types of ceiling lights according to their house decoration. Among the types of ceiling lights, we can mention hanging, built-in, surface, etc. The use of these types of lights, in addition to creating the desired lighting, can create an eye-catching beauty for the desired space.


Chandeliers are among the most widely used and attractive types of ceiling lights. This model of ceiling lights has various designs and can be used for modern, fantasy, or traditional spaces. Since more than one lamp can be used in each chandelier, as a result, the electricity consumption of all types of chandeliers is determined according to the number of lamps installed on it. The variety of designs and shapes of chandeliers is high, and these lighting devices can be marketed in round, square, etc. shapes. Also, among the most popular and stylish chandeliers, we can mention their crystal types, which create a stylish, modern atmosphere, and some of them also create a special and minimal atmosphere.

A chandelier is a very decorative ceiling light. These lights usually have several arms or branches where multiple lamps are installed. The more branches a chandelier has, the more light it emits. Chandeliers are most common in dining rooms, although they are sometimes used in living rooms as well. 


Recessed ceiling light 

Recessed ceiling lights focus light in one spot and are usually installed in empty spaces in the ceiling. The light source in this lamp model is not very clear, so they can be used for soft lighting. Since LED lamps are installed in these lights, different colors can be used for them according to the power consumption of this ceiling lamp model also changes from 15 watts to above.

Recessed lights are placed inside your false ceiling and therefore do not physically enter the space and interior decoration of your building. If you have short ceilings and you don't want to hit your head on the ceiling lights or if you want the appearance of your interior decoration not to be disturbed, built-in ceiling lights are a good option to buy and use.

These types of ceiling lights are installed by making small circular holes in the ceiling where the body of the product is placed. You need about six inches of clearance above the ceiling to accommodate the wiring and other components of the lights. Recessed lights are especially popular in bathrooms and kitchens, but recently they have also been used in living rooms, dining rooms, and even outdoor spaces. The main drawback of these types of lights is that they require an expert to install ceiling lights.

recessed ceiling light

Surface-mounted LED lights 

Surface ceiling lights are more suitable for rooms with relatively short ceilings, but depending on the needs and tastes, they can be used in any part of the space. If there are no restrictions for installing this lamp model inside the house, you can use several models to create a soft and low light that makes the space more beautiful. Different materials such as glass, aluminum, and plastic are used to make these lights.

This light can also be installed on the ceiling, and the difference with the built-in light is that more of the light is visible. This category of ceiling lights has much more variety compared to built-in lights, and the amount of light in these lights is relatively higher, But it is not possible to coordinate this type of light with some decorations. Uniform lighting is one of the most important positive features of the ceiling light. These fixtures are also ideal for homes with low ceilings and can also be a good option to buy if you have children or pets that are attracted to hanging lights in your home.

Track lighting

This model of ceiling lights is similar to chandeliers in several ways. Track lighting lamp creates a small source of light in a concentrated manner, which can be used to create a space with low or high brightness according to the needs and interests of the person and keep the dark spaces of the house bright. These lights are produced in different designs, sizes, and colors. 

Track lighting usually hangs very low, so they are perfect for use on surfaces like a kitchen island, dining table, or desk. They are similar to chandeliers in that they hang in one area, while chandeliers have many bulbs and therefore can emit a lot of light

Modern track lighting has become popular for interiors. They are popular for hanging over kitchen islands. You can use several models of these lights in a row to provide good lighting.

Ceiling light with sensor:

This model of ceiling lights, unlike the previous models, has a state detection sensor and is often installed in environments where energy consumption needs to be controlled, for example, they are widely used in parking lots, stairways, corridors, and footpaths. One of the most obvious features of these lights is that they can be turned on or off automatically, which saves electricity consumption to a great extent. Sensor ceiling light can be marketed in two types, single or multi-sensor.

These lights are smart lights and their use can be effective in reducing electricity consumption. It is possible to use the sensor light in different spaces, including the ceiling, staircase, and environments where there is less traffic and it is not necessary for a light to be constantly on.

ceiling light with the censor

ceiling lights buyer's guide

Since adequate and appropriate light complements the appearance of your home, ceiling lights are one of the types of lighting tools that can help make your desired space more attractive. 

For example, built-in ceiling lights can be used to create more peace in the interior of the bedroom, and their hanging model can be used to create an intimate atmosphere for family or friendly gatherings. These lights are designed and made in various designs and colors that can suit any taste. It is very easy to install them and if you use them, you can significantly save energy and electricity costs.

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