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Spot Light 7W PLX 2002
Price from 1,090,000 TMN
Spot Light 12W PLX 2003
Price from 1,290,000 TMN
Surface Mounted 9W PLX 2004
Price from 1,190,000 TMN
Surface Mounted 15W PLX 2005
Price from 1,490,000 TMN
Adjustable Surface 10W PLX 2007
Price from 1,290,000 TMN
Adjustable Surface 12W PLX 2008
Price from 1,590,000 TMN
Adjustable surface 12W PLX 2010
Price from 1,590,000 TMN
Surface Round 18W PLX 2018
Price from 580,000 TMN
Surface Fix 12W PLX 2012
Price from 1,990,000 TMN
Surface Fix 24W PLX 2013
Price from 2,590,000 TMN
Surface Fix 4W PLX 2014
Price from 990,000 TMN
Surface Fix 6W PLX 2015
Price from 1,190,000 TMN
Surface Round 9W PLX 2016
Price from 380,000 TMN
Surface Round 12W PLX 2017
Price from 480,000 TMN
Adjustable Surface 12W PLX 2009
Price from 1,490,000 TMN
Spot Light 3W PLX 2001
Price from 890,000 TMN
Adjustable Surface 12W PLX 2011
Price from 1,590,000 TMN

Buy flush mount ceiling light online + Best Price

A ceiling light is a fixture that can be used to illuminate the surrounding environment and has different types. The above lights, which are one of the best-selling lighting fixtures, can be installed on the ceiling in both built-in and surface-mounted forms. Since installing lights on the ceiling can provide more suitable light to the environment and illuminate the space more uniformly, the use of ceiling lights is more common than wall lights. We sell these lights extensively in the market.

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Fortunately, today, low-consumption of ceiling lights are available in the market, which have low energy consumption and can distribute light in the space by spending a small amount of energy. LED and SMD technology has been used to produce ceiling lights, and ceiling lights are generally among the most widely used lights. Another important point that we can mention about ceiling lights is that ceiling lights are more affordable than regular lamps and you can use them to give a beautiful effect to your living environment

Another important point that we can mention about ceiling lights is that these lights are among the most standard lights available in the market and do not cause any damage to the eyes and brain. Therefore, if you want to help maintain your health, it is better to purchase ceiling lights. Because they are more standard and ideal than normal lights.

Types of ceiling light fixtures

There are various types of ceiling light fixtures on the market and each of them is suitable for use in a specific location. In the following, we will introduce some of the ceiling lights available in the market:

flush light

Flush lights are flat fittings that are installed on the ceiling. This style is very versatile and you can easily find them in different sizes from 12 to 24 inches wide depending on the size of the room.

Smaller flush lights are ideal for bathrooms, closets, or hallways. A larger flush is a safe option for a child's bedroom, as it is better not to have anything hanging from the ceiling. Flush lights look best in rooms with ceilings less than 8 feet high. Installing a flush light in a room with a higher ceiling may create too much space.

ceiling light fixture

according to the size of your room, you can find and buy a flush-mount lamp with desired dimensions. Flush mount lights can usually show the best performance in places where the ceiling height is less than 5.2 

meters. But if the ceiling is more than this height, it is not possible to create a suitable light in the space by installing flash mount lights.

Another popular and versatile type of ceiling flush is semi-flush lights. Semi-flush lights usually hang 4 to 8 inches below the ceiling and look best if the ceiling is 8 to 10 feet high. The main advantage of semi-flush lights is that changing the bulb is quick and easy. Downlights are common in kitchens and small dining rooms, but you can use this style in other areas as well. You can easily find semi-flush ceiling lights with diameters between 7 and 23 inches for purchase.

If you're hesitating between flash and semi-flash, there's one thing you should know; The flush light directs the light toward the room, but the semi-flash light illuminates the ceiling in addition to the room, which makes the small room appear larger and the ceiling taller.

The semi-flash mount light is the best choice for ceilings that height is between 3 and 5.2 meters, and these lights are very easy to replace and install. The above lamps are available in various sizes, including 7 to 23 inches.


downlight lighting is installed inside the ceiling and the space where you intend to install these lights must be at least 1.80 meters high. because there is a possibility of moisture infiltration into these lights, these lights must be installed in ceilings that have good and ideal insulation

flush mount ceiling light

Unfortunately, downlight lighting cannot spread light throughout the room and is usually used in work environments. It should be noted that the process of installing downlight lighting is relatively complicated and requires sufficient experience and expertise.

Retailers also call these recessed lights box lights. This type of lamp is installed inside the ceiling and if you have a room with a low ceiling, it will probably be the best choice for you.

Advantages of downlight lighting

The disadvantage of downlight lighting is that they do not spread the light to the entire room. This type of ceiling lamp has a better performance for ambient or work lighting. downlight lighting requires a more complicated installation process compared to flush or semi-flush lamps, but some points make recessed lights popular:

  • You can design these downlight lighting so that the light on the wall creates a work of art on the wall or create optimal lighting for your desk.
  • You can direct the light of the recessed ceiling lights on an empty wall to reflect the light and make the room appear bigger and brighter.
  • If you have a small room with a sloping ceiling, using this type of ceiling light is an efficient and discreet way.

Utility Lighting

If you are looking for a lighting fixture without complicated installation for your garage, laundry room, or basement, buying these utility lights is probably the best option for you.

This ceiling light is a simple fixture that is installed in the ceiling or covers for LED lamps. Covers are usually ideal for your workshop and garage, as you need something brighter and more energy efficient.

Lighting with a utility ceiling light can be a small upgrade in your work environment, but it makes a big difference in the space. If you are working on DIY projects in your garage, some LED lamps can be the best choice.

ceiling light price

Instrument light

Instrument lights can be introduced among the simplest ceiling lights in the market, which consist of several LED lamps. Because these lights can supply light in a good way, if you use them in the garage space, you will get the right and perfect light and the surrounding space will be very bright.

Indirect LED ceiling light

Indirect LED ceiling lights benefit from a very different technology, and instead of installing a light on the ceiling, you can use a series of LED strips made up of many small lights around the ceiling. do it

Indirect LED lights are a type of ceiling light. This method, instead of installing ceiling lights on the ceiling, includes installing strips of LED lights around the ceiling. Your ceiling will reflect the light from the LED strips, making the room appear larger. You can choose an LED that can change color.

This type of ceiling light works best with more modern styles. LEDs consume less energy and are more affordable. For that, a crown must be installed around your roof. Moldings hide the LED strips, directing light to the ceiling and giving your room a classic appeal.

Pendant light

Inverted pendant lights are the most suitable option for lighting modern environments, and by using these lights, you can make small rooms look bigger. The reason for this is that these lights direct some of their produced light towards the ceiling, and this issue leads to the appearance of the height of the ceiling and the size of the room.

Another name for inverted pendant lights is bowl pendant lights and these lights may be sold in the market under this name. By using inverted pendant lights, you can give a modern effect to your living environment and enjoy the proper and desirable light that these lights create in the environment.

Track lighting

Track lighting is used for lighting modern environments and they are usually used in work environments. To install these lights, you should consider the height of the ceiling and install these tracks on the ceiling. Some track lighting also has the possibility of adjusting the direction of individual lights and they are usually used in the work table or food preparation area. The cost of installing track lighting is very good and affordable and people will not have to pay heavy expenses.

Indoor lighting

there are different types of ceiling lights in the market, first, you should know your needs and buy the lights that suit your needs. 

Flush mount lights are the most ideal option for indoor lighting. it uses in medium or large rooms or rooms with short ceilings. These lights can also be used in smaller environments such as hallways, closets, and bathrooms. Large-sized flush lights are also commonly used in children's bedrooms.

Iranian ceiling light

Semi-flush mount lights are also commonly used in indoor lighting as dining rooms and kitchens. The reason for this is that the semi-flash mount lights simultaneously direct the light downwards and illuminate the ceiling as well, and this causes the rooms that are small in size to be larger than their original dimensions. and finally, the height of the ceiling seems higher than it is.

Therefore, it is ideal to use it in the kitchen space, which usually has a smaller area. It is better to use recessed ceiling lights in rooms with short ceilings. The use of lights is not only limited to the interior of houses and apartments, many people also need to buy ceiling lights to illuminate spaces such as basements, warehouses, and garages.

How to maintain the ceiling lamp in the best way 

At the time of installation, check the wiring carefully to make sure there are no connections.

If your home electricity fluctuates, you can use the voltage for home electricity

Put a cover for the lamp in wet places and places where it is raining

At the end of this article, we state that to choose and buy different types of ceiling lights, you should consider the following important points to have the best and most economical purchase:

Pay enough attention to the efficiency of the lamp and its power consumption.

Based on the desired space as well as standards such as lighting principles, determine and prepare the number of lights.

Pay attention to the amount of energy consumption by the lights, which is effective in the final cost and the long run. For example, the use of LED sources with high efficiency plays an important role in saving.