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What is track lighting | Types, Styles and Buyer's Guide

Jan 02, 2024
What is track lighting | Types, Styles and Buyer's Guide

Lighting is an essential aspect of architecture and interior design, and there are various lighting options available. types of track lighting are a practical and cost-effective choice for building lighting because they do not require separate wiring for each lamp. Instead, all the lights are connected to the same track and powered by in-track wiring. Types of track lighting also have the advantage of being adjustable at different angles, making them suitable for places like stores and exhibitions where the lighting needs to be customized to suit the decor and arrangement of goods.

types of track lighting

styles of track lighting

Types of track lighting are a good choice for renovated and newly built homes, offering versatile indoor lighting solutions. These lights can be focused on a painting, piece of art, kitchen table, or anywhere you'd like to highlight more in the house, allowing you to change the direction of the light whenever you want. Due to the modern and beautiful appearance of these lights, many people use indoor types of track lighting to illuminate different parts of their homes. It's important to note that these types of lighting serve as permanent fixtures and are not intended to be the main source of illumination. Additionally, they may not be suitable for spaces with low ceilings.

Single-phase tracks

Single-phase tracks, in addition to being visually appealing, have various uses and are particularly well-suited for residential areas, galleries, and cafes. To connect different types of tracks, a specific track interface is required. Flexible tracks, on the other hand, have a distinct and appealing aesthetic but cannot always be manually manipulated into the desired shape and may require specialized tools for bending.

styles of track lighting

Three-phase track

The three-phase track is one of the most practical features of track systems. In the track system using the three-phase track, you can control, turn off, and on the types of track lighting placed inside the track separately in 3 branches. In other words, by using the three-phase track, you can simultaneously turn on some of the types of track lighting and turn off some others.

This advantage helps you to easily access and control all the lights with a three-phase track in different spaces, instead of using several single-phase track branches to separately control the types of track lighting.

In addition, another advantage of the three-phase track is the power equivalent to 3 times that of the single-phase track. Structurally, inside the 3-phase track, there are three sections related to phase and one section related to zero.

You can connect three phases to increase the tolerance of a single-phase track and control each phase separately. The appearance and design of the three-phase track are not much different from the single-phase track, and you can still use this track to design your track system according to your design and plan. Three-phase track connectors in (I) shape, (L) shape, (T) shape, and (X) shape give you the ability to place the tracks in the way and shape you want.

using track lights in interior design

Usually, this track is considered due to its low price, this type of track usually has less strength than other models. Also, they cannot create different light layers in the same space, and the lighting scenario does not apply to them.

Unlike the previous model, they are more expensive, stronger, and the track light has a better connection on these tracks. Especially if we want to use them as a pendant in a space. The tracks have three separate bridges, allowing for easy implementation of different light layers in the same area.

What is the difference between COB track light and dark light?

To answer this question, first of all, it should be said about the difference between COB and SMD light. In the lights that used a COB chip as the light source, the light is more concentrated and in the lights with an SMD chip, which is different in terms of manufacturing technology, the light is more diffused. Dark light types of track lighting work with SMD chips and other cylinder types of track lighting with COB technology. Another difference between the Dark Light track light and other types of track lighting is the type of light reflector and the change in the amount of radiation and glare. One of the problems that may arise in some cases depending on the type of track light placement is the problem of causing glare and eye irritation. Of course, this problem can be solved in many cases by moving the light source and following the principles of its installation and placement. But in some cases, the architect or designer prefers to use a track light that emits light with minimal glare. In fact, with this choice, it is preferable to emit less light but without glare in the space. the main difference between the Dark Light track light and other cylindrical types of track lighting, apart from the appearance, is the milder light intensity and prevention of glare. In the same way that the light source is not seen from a certain distance and only the effect of light is seen in the dark light track light or Laser Blade.

track lighting buyer's guide

  • why use types of track lighting?
  • The ability to install on the floor, ceiling, and wall, in the form of surface, built-in, and hanging
  • Ability to rotate 360 degrees light source to illuminate all spaces
  • Easy and convenient installation of lights inside the track
  • Track light is versatile and can be used in any shape, any size, in any place.
  • Can be used in spaces that need to be lit more with limited use of ceiling space.
  • The wide variety of types of track lighting and their ability to adapt to the project
  • Creating quality and beautiful light in the space, especially accent or local light
  • Application of track light in different spaces

Track lights are most commonly seen in the following applications

1. Commercial space lighting (store, showroom, gallery) with types of track lighting 

Track lighting is becoming more popular in stores and other places. It lets you shine light on things in any direction and you can change it when you need to. You can use different types of track lighting to save energy and make sure the store is well-lit. If the ceiling is high, using a 60-watt track light is best for the showcase and other track lighting is good for the main area. There are also special types of track lighting that can make things look pretty. In galleries and cafes, hanging track lamps can make cool shadows and direct people's attention.

track lighting in the kitchen

2. lighting the living space and kitchen with types of track lighting 

Track lights are lights that can be put on the ceiling or wall in homes. They are easy to install and can be used to light up different parts of the house, like the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. In the kitchen, they can be put in a line above the counter or angled towards the cabinets. In the living room or bedroom, they can be used to highlight decorations or create a nice atmosphere. People usually use track lights that are 15, 25, or 35 watts.

3. Office lighting with types of track lighting 

In offices, there are special lights called track lights that are used to make things like signs and logos look bright and pretty. They also make the inside of the office look nice and make employees feel happy. But it's important to put the lights in the right place so they don't shine too bright on computer screens and make it hard for people to work.

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