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Track Light 7W PLX 1002
Price from 1,090,000 TMN
Track Light 10W PLX 1003
Price from 1,140,000 TMN
Track Light 12W PLX 1004
Price from 1,190,000 TMN
Track Light 20W PLX 1005
Price from 1,390,000 TMN
Track Light 30W PLX 1006
Price from 1,590,000 TMN
Track Light 45W PLX 1007
Price from 2,390,000 TMN
Track Light 12W PLX 1008
Price from 1,590,000 TMN
Track Light 12W PLX 1009
Price from 1,290,000 TMN
Adjustable ‌Beam Angle Track Light 15W PLX 1010
Price from 1,590,000 TMN
Adjustable ‌Beam Angle Track Light 25W PLX 1011
Price from 1,890,000 TMN
Adjustable ‌Beam Angle Track Light 35W PLX 1012
Price from 2,490,000 TMN

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Indoor lighting is one of the most important requirements of interior design, and the equipment needed in buildings has also become very diverse. And track lighting is one of its types.

The track light is a type of ceiling light that is used in many places. ceiling and wall lights consist of a row or rail on which light sources are placed. These light sources are in one path and continuously. Rail ceiling and wall lights need equipment called rails for installation.

These rails must be able to bear the weight of the light and, in addition, create conditions for the system's power transmission. Therefore, the wiring of the rail light is placed inside the corresponding rails. Also, the rails are responsible for providing a platform for moving the lights.

track light

Getting to know the rail light

The wiring of these lights and how to install them is different from other lights. For example, in this system, all the lights from the same path and row receive the energy they need from the rail. This causes the lights to be placed next to each other continuously and regularly. This lighting system has very good flexibility and performance.

By using these types of lights, it is possible to create focused and localized light on a specific subject. The light beam angle in the rail ceiling light can be adjusted as desired. These lights can be moved to the right and left in their rail, and in addition, the angle of the lights can also be changed.

At first, these lights were only used in exhibitions and beauty salons. But now their appearance has improved a lot and they are available in different types. As a result, rail lights can be used in all complexes such as residential houses, offices, stores, schools, etc. Lights that are in this form are considered new lighting systems and their use is limited to only the last few years until today. The household rail light is also seen in many homes today.

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Track light

Track light is one of the types of lights that are very practical and economical for lighting buildings. This type of lighting is designed in such a way that there is no need for separate wiring for each light, and all the lights are placed in the same path and get power from the wiring inside the rail.

One of the features of rail lights is the possibility of lighting at different angles.

This feature of the track lighting is very important in places like stores and exhibitions because the lighting direction can be adjusted according to the decoration and arrangement of goods and products.

Rails of Track lighting are made in such a way that they can be used on the floor, wall, or ceiling. According to the type of function that this lighting is supposed to perform, you can choose from its types. When choosing the installation location and the type of rail light, pay attention to the fact that the rails can tolerate the number and size of the lamps.

Also, the wiring of the building should be coordinated with the rails so that the energy supply of the lights can be done in the best way; Because apart from 

lighting, rails also consume energy to move and change the angle of the light.

Modern track lighting advantages

  • Rail lighting is very suitable for places with high ceilings
  • It is possible to use different sizes of rail lights for different places.
  • Different lamps have been considered for different types of rail lights, which have different forms of light emission.
  • LED, SMD, COB, incandescent, and metal lamps are used in various rail lights.
  • The variety of these lights gives you the possibility of more choices so that you can choose the best light according to the needs of your desired space.
  • Flexibility in the angle of light
  • The ability to move the light and focus it on a specific subject
  • Unique and modern appearance
  • Regular and continuous light production
  • Can be installed on the wall, ceiling, floor, and other surfaces
  • The possibility of installation in high and short ceilings
  • High variety of products

modern track lighting

Application of track lighting

It is one of the special applications of track lighting in places such as stores and galleries.

This system is used in situations where it is necessary to radiate light locally and on special elements.

Note that the lights can be rotated at different angles in this system

Also, these lights can be used for special places and special lighting. For example, in gallery spaces, it is possible to illuminate and display each item or product, or board separately and with dedicated light. In this way, we also receive better attention from visitors.

A very attractive feature of track lighting is the ability to move the lights inside the rail and can rotate 360 degrees.

They are used in many places like Hairdressers, Residential Houses, Restaurants and cafes, Exhibitions and galleries, Photography studios and salons, Stores and showcases

How to install a track light

First, the rail branches, which can be white, silver, or black, are installed on the roof using screws and dowels. After that, it is necessary to put the cables into the branches of the work rail. Connect the rail power supply, which has a phase and neutral wire, to the rail and close the terminal door. Then connect the lights to the rail according to the side clamps. First, the clip is opened, then the lamp is placed in the desired location and the clip is closed. After installing this light, you can adjust the light beam angle horizontally and vertically. It should be noted that there are no built-in or surface-mounted rail lights and all rail lights are surface-mounted.

Iranian track lighting price

Safety tips for installing track lights

When installing such equipment, it should be noted that the wires inside the rail are not connected to its body. Bolts and dowels must be used to connect the rail to the desired location such as the ceiling or wall. You cannot use glue to connect them. It is better to cut off the electricity before installing these lights and use high-quality and durable equipment.

Track lighting components

Rail lights are divided into several categories based on technology and type of light source. These lights can be equipped with a light source. This light source can be LED, SMD, or COB technology. The lights equipped with this type of technology consume little energy and have a long lifespan. In addition, they produce healthy light. Some other rail lights have caps and you can use any lamps that match the cap of the lamp.

source of light

Rail lights often have a light source and do not require a lamp. The technology of lamps used in such lights can be LED, COB, or SMD. The temperature of rail light bulbs is often around 3000 to 6000 degrees Kelvin, which provides a sunny or white color. In some cases, rail lights are not equipped with lamps, which can be provided with different types of lamps according to their head.

Rail light rail

Rail ceiling light rails are available in various colors and dimensions. These rails are made of aluminum or galvanized sheets in black and white colors. These equipment usually have standard sizes of 1 and 2 meters. These rails can be connected to the ceiling, wall, floor, etc. Rails can also be used in places with short ceilings. These rails have holes for screwing to the ceiling. The track lighting price depends on its dimensions, material, design, and brand.


Several types of connectors are used to place the rails next to each other. These interfaces are different depending on the location and how they are connected. Interfaces can be T, L, I, or X.

Rail light base

Some of these bases are installed on the rail together with the lamp combination, and in some cases, the bases are connected to the lamp and then placed on the rail. These bases can adjust the direction of light.

Pollux track lighting

Pollux is one of the companies that manufactures lighting equipment such as ceiling and wall rail lights, This company offers a wide variety of high-quality products to the market. These products are not limited to lights and their types. pollux also produces different types of lamps.

These products have been made of high quality and are available in different colors and sizes. You can use these lights in homes, offices, stores, etc.

pollux track lighting

Pollux track lighting and wall lights with LED lenses have been released to the market. These lights are of very good quality and can be used in all collections. Targeted and uniform light distribution, saving energy, reducing electricity costs, and not flickering are among the positive features of these lights. All these lights are guaranteed by the company for 24 months.

These lights are made in different weights, that's why the rail should be used according to the weight of the light. Rails that bear more weight are also more expensive. To see the price of the ceiling rail light, you can visit the Randno website.