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Lighting products are changing rapidly, that's why you should be careful in choosing them to sell all kinds of indoor downlight frames. A downlight is one of the most popular types of lamps in the market, which is still very popular despite the introduction of newer lamps such as LED lamps. By buying halogen lamps and installing them in different frames, you can use these lamps to increase the beauty of the environment in addition to providing ambient lighting. One of the common types of frames is the ABS plastic halogen frame, which is very popular. In the following, we intend to introduce you to the types of halogen frames, as well as ABS plastic halogen frames.

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Types of internal downlight frame

There are different types of internal light frames. Therefore, they will have different models. In the following, we will explain the various parameters that are important in choosing and buying the downlight frame. And we also give explanations about each one. These factors include common applications, installation status, LED location, body material, optical diffuser material, and external appearance.

Halogen frames are made of different materials and used to create beauty for halogen lamps.  The material of these frames is such that they have very good quality and high resistance. The frames of halogen lamps are produced in different dimensions and materials, and it is possible to prepare these frames according to the space used. The ABS plastic halogen frame is one of the most popular frames that you will get to know more about.

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internal downlight frame application

As mentioned, there are different types of internal light frames, the most common models of which include the following in terms of application factor.

SMD panel downlight frame

The production of SMD panel lights with a power of 5-32 watts is done in two ways. The circular internal light panel and the square internal light panel are one of the largest and most attractive fields of lighting parts production. The bodies of  SMD panel lights in 5 watts and 7 watts have the most demand among manufacturers. Also, 12 and 18 watts are in second place in the demand for panel lamp frames. The powers of 24 W and 32 W SMD panels are usually used in big projects as well as large stores and hospitals.

internal downlight frame application

Installation status of internal lights frame

The largest consumer group of indoor lights belongs to LED bulbs. Due to the fierce competition in the pricing of finished products in this category, access to a competitive price will be very important.

In general, indoor lights can be divided into the following two categories in terms of the installation status on the surface:

  1. Built-in internal lights frame
  2. Hanging interior lights frame

There are two ways to place the LED model in the interior lights.

Sidelight mode

In this case, the LED is placed on thin PCB strips and is placed in the inner environment of the internal light body. Due to inadequate heat transfer, it is practically out of production categories.

Backlight mode

In this case, the LED module is placed on the flat surface of the internal light frame, just below the diffuser. which, in addition to providing uniform light, will cause higher heat transfer with the lamp body and longer life of the products.

Another lighting equipment that has increased the lifespan of lighting products by up to 50,000 hours is Power LEDs.

Internal light body material

When using these lamps, it is necessary to use frames that have a beautiful design and can bring good visual beauty to the desired space. Halogen lamp frames are divided into several categories in terms of material and manufacturing quality, including steel frames, crystal frames, aluminum frames, die-cast frames, and ABS plastic halogen frames.

As mentioned earlier, the new generation of interior lights is being produced using LEDs. The need for heat transfer in LED products has caused special arrangements to be considered at the connection point of the LED module of the body. Here we will briefly review the different types of interior light frames.

internal light frames

aluminum frames

This series of  is one of the best and most expensive series of frames. The ability to transfer high heat along with the high strength of the body is one of the main properties of this series.

The aluminum frame is also made of thin aluminum sheets and is very popular due to its low price. The ABS plastic halogen frame, in addition to its beauty and appearance, also has good strength.

the frames made of aluminum and die-cast have much better quality. Aluminum and die-cast frames are very resistant to heat and humidity, and their color will not change. According to the mentioned cases, it can be concluded that aluminum and die-cast frames have a much longer lifespan and are very affordable


Aluminum and ABS bodies

Halogen frames are made of different materials and are used to create beauty for halogen lamps. The frames of halogen lamps have a variety of designs and colors, and people can prepare halogen lamps and their frames according to the decor of the desired space.

The material of these frames is such that they have very good quality and have very high resistance. The frames of halogen lamps are produced in different dimensions and materials, and it is possible to prepare these frames according to the space used. The ABS plastic halogen frame is one of the most popular frames that you will get to know more about.

In this generation, only the cooling part of the body is made of aluminum separately, and the rest of the parts that do not have direct contact with the PCB are made of ABS plastic. It should be noted that this category of frames is one of the most economical and best choices for manufacturers aiming to take over the middle layers of the market.

ABS plastic frame

This category of interior light frames is for low-cost products and low-power products in the market. There is usually very fierce price competition among these products. The ABS plastic halogen frame is made of very hard plastic material

Today, halogen lamps have many users due to the local light production, and the use of a suitable frame also prevents the loss of light, which will greatly save electricity consumption. For indoor or outdoor spaces, the use of halogen lamps with ABS plastic frames is a very suitable option, and there will be no worries about connecting them to the body.

The spring used in the ABS plastic halogen frame is also very flexible and strong. The body of these frames is relatively thick, with an inner diameter of about 8 cm and an outer diameter of about 10 cm. Also, the ABS plastic frame is very resistant to the heat generated by the lamp.

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Iron body frames 


This category of frames is for manufacturers with very high circulations and average market pricing power. In this category, iron metal is used as a cooler, which has a much lower efficiency than aluminum bodies.

Optical diffuser material in the internal light frame

One of the important points in indoor lighting products is the absence of glare. This is done by placing a light-diffusing layer or diffuser. Three types of polymer materials are usually used in this technique.

  • Polycarbonates pp
  • cristal crystal
  • Polypropylene pp

Polycarbonate is the best choice for quality production. The high light transmission coefficient, along with the lack of damage caused by UV and LED heat, such as yellowing, turbidity, and fragility of the diffuser layer, has made this group an ideal choice. Crystals will be the second priority of quality, an economic choice, and in the end, polypropylene (PP) diffusers are considered the most common and cheapest choice for indoor light frame products with a lifespan of 3 to 4 years.

As mentioned, halogen lamps are very efficient and can bring very good lighting to different spaces. These types of lamps can be used to decorate the interior of the building due to their beautiful design.

It should also be noted that halogen lamps can be used as built-in lamps and are used for lighting homes, offices, and many other places. Also, these lamps are very resistant to moisture and nowadays these lamps are also used to illuminate the outside of the building.


Installing halogen lamps in different frames with Pollux various shapes and designs allows you to harmonize the frame of these lamps with your decoration while increasing the beauty of your decoration with lighting.