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Downlight 6W Single PLX 3001
Price from 890,000 TMN
Downlight 12W Double PLX 3002
Price from 1,290,000 TMN
Downlight 18W Triple PLX 3003
Price from 1,890,000 TMN
Downlight 3W PLX 3004
Price from 390,000 TMN
Adjustable Downlight 10W PLX 3007
Price from 1,490,000 TMN

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Furnishing is an important part of homes today. If we pay attention to it, have brighter interior spaces. With proper lighting, a better mood is created in the home or work. Nowadays, Downlight lights have become particularly popular in lighting. If you are interested in modern lighting, these lights are a good choice. One of the characteristics of professional lighting is not tiring the eyes in the long term. Downlight lights have such a good feature. You can see these lights mostly hidden and, on the ceiling, which has a great effect on the lighting of the space. In this article, we talk about everything you need to know about downlights.

downlight usage in office

What is a downlight?

A downlight is a lamp that is placed inside the ceiling and is surrounded. These lights emit light in the form of a narrow beam downwards. They use different types of Light to provide the light layer in the architecture of the interior space. When the lights are turned on, the place where they are installed looks like glowing spots. This unique feature of the Downlight lamp makes it popular among people. Downlight has other names such as recessed light, and spotlight. In Iran, this lamp is known as Downlight, but it is more commonly known as a recessed ceiling light.

Downlight Accessories And Components

Iranian downlight consists of the main body, opening, and frame. The body or the main compartment is the part that is placed on the roof. The opening or mold is another part of the lamp that is placed inside the main body. The frame is the outermost part of the lamp. This section is housing that covers the internal components of the lamp. Some downlights have transformers. The transformer acts like a controller. This device brings the input voltage to the limit to keep the lamp safe. There are clips on the side of these lights. These clamps are easily placed in the installation place of the lamp to prevent it from falling.

iranian downlight

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Currently, the most common bulb used in downlights is the halogen bulb. CFL lamps (compact fluorescent lamps or energy-saving lamps) and LED lamps are also very popular among buyers.

The amount of exposure in these lights depends on the type of lamp you use in the interior. Generally, 75–100-watt lamps are used for downlights. These lights can sometimes support a 150-watt lamp.

1 or 2-inch downlights are a good alternative to 6 or 8-inch lights. 6 or 8-inch lights were more efficient in the past decades. Many people prefer the style of crowded and messy ceilings with 1" and 2" lamps.

Some downlights have dimmers. That gives you the ability to adjust their light. These lights can be a smart choice for places where you want to play with the mood of the space.

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Downlight frame

Downlight frame is made of aluminum with an oxide coating. This method keeps the color of the body stable. It also makes the body resistant to scratches. The driver installed on the ceiling downlights is standard and a constant current flow through them. The bubble material of these lights is clear crystal. The use of transparent crystal allows 95% of light to pass through, without glare. There are dark spots on the bubbles that are a filter for harmful rays. The presence of this filter is very important for people's health. The anodized aluminum reflector has been used in these lights, which emits the maximum amount of light. 

Downlight advantages

  • Using a downlight can be a great choice for indoor lighting. You can use it in any part of the house. These lights are installed in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and even under the kitchen cabinets. Among other features of Sunlight lights, we can mention their compatibility with other lights and home decoration components.
  • Downlight is very flexible in terms of the amount and type of light it provides. In addition to the home environment, the use of these lights for lighting in the work environment is also very suitable.
  • These lights have a special beauty. Hanging lights usually occupy more space in the interior of the house. These lights have a simple shape, but they give a beautiful effect to the space. Also, using them, the space looks bigger. They are also more efficient in energy consumption.

downlight advantages

Why you should consider using a downlight?

  • Reducing energy consumption by 70% and high exposure
  • Very long life, no need for service and maintenance
  • No decrease in optical flux over time
  • Beautiful and unique design
  • Color rendering index of more than 70
  • Light without harmful rays
  • Impact resistant
  • Equipped with a driver in the upper part of the body (if the ceiling height is limited, it can be easily separated from the body)
  • Warranty guarantee
  • Can be used in all parts of the building
  • Reasonable price and easy purchase

How to install downlight

You can have a more pleasant space for yourself by following the placement principles. To begin with, it is better to keep a distance of 60 cm from the walls. Divide the roof space into two or more parts. Then determine the location of the lamps at a suitable distance. Be careful that the lamps are not too close or far from each other and do not create a shadow. You can apply this to the entire ceiling space. Observing these simple tips has a great impact on the final lighting result. 

Pollux's downlight

Downlight lamp is one of the latest products produced by Pollux. These lights are one of the architectural concept lights in the design of commercial or residential spaces. In the lights of the downlight series, the light source is not specified from a certain distance, and only the effect of the light on the space can be seen. This event, in addition to preventing glare for the eyes, gives a beautiful effect to the space.

pollux down light collection

In general, warm and sunny colors are more suitable for living and dining areas and bring more peace. But long-term use of this light leads to drowsiness and is not recommended for the work environment. Also, cold colors and moonlight increase concentration and reduce sleepiness. For this reason, it is recommended to use more cold lights in workplaces and offices. the level of alertness stimuli in the body and long-term use of this light, especially during meals, causes stress and sleep disturbance. By combining pollux lamps in such a way that warm lights are used in dining areas, kitchens, and clothing stores. cold lights are used in the office and pharmacy, you will get the most benefit.

The drivers used in the Pollux worked completely without blinking or flickering, and this caused eye fatigue and headache. The light is blocked and in addition, there is no light disturbance during photography and filming under this light.