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Lighting Equipment

Lighting Equipment
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Building lighting equipment directs electricity to different places in the building or supplies lighting for the environment. This equipment includes wires and cables, socket switches, lamps, LED projectors, and other equipment that are used in different parts of the building.

There are 2 important points about lighting equipment. The first is having a standard and the second is their desirable quality, and carelessness in these two cases has caused financial and human losses, which sometimes will not be possible to compensate. In the following, we will introduce you to various construction lighting equipment.

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Type of lighting euipment

 In this section, we will brief explanation of the types of lighting lamps and the key features of each of them, and we will introduce you to the standards related to determining the intensity of lighting, checking the building's lighting quality factor, calculations related to how to design lighting, and such things;

Types of lamps

A light bulb may seem like a simple device, but there are different types that you need to know about. Your lamp is your source of lighting equipment. Therefore, the type of lamp you buy determines how your home will look like. Get to know some of the types of lamps available in the market.

  • Incandescent lamp: The old and traditional type of lamps are incandescent lamps, which are less used these days and have been replaced by more energy-efficient options and LED bulb. This type of lamp creates a bright light that makes the home feel more comfortable and beautiful.
  • SMD LED lamps: SMD is a type of technology in which electronic components are connected to the board without making holes and only by surface soldering. This technology in LED lamps led to the design of a new type of LED lamp that is widely used and has increased the lifespan and efficiency of the lamp. Putting together a large number of these small SMD lamps creates a suitable light. These lamps have a lot of light distribution and today many bubble and candle lamps are produced with this technology because of this feature.
  • Compact fluorescent lamps: Compact fluorescent lamp or CFLS consumes 75% less energy than incandescent lamps and has a longer life. The difference between these lamps and incandescent lamps is that their color temperature is relatively cold and they contain mercury. Although the amount of mercury used in these lamps is very low; that doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful.
  • Filament LED lamps: These types of lamps have an appearance similar to incandescent lamps, and for this reason, they are also called LED incandescent lamps. Inside filament lamps, a set of tiny LEDs are placed together. Due to their beautiful design, these lamps are mostly used for decorative and lighting equipment. These are considered a suitable alternative for those who are interested in the appearance of incandescent lamps.
  • Halogen lamps: The halogen lamp will give your home a light similar to natural daylight. This lighting equipment works as a great task light and its energy consumption is 10-20% less than incandescent light.
  • LED lamps: If you use incandescent lamps for lighting equipment, now is the time to provide this lighting with LED lamps.

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Now is the right time to change the lighting equipment. These types of lamps have made significant improvements over the past years, so it is better to entrust the comfort and warm light of our home to LED lamps after decades of using incandescent lamps.

The LED lamp is just as economical as the fluorescent lamp. It will last almost three times longer than fluorescents. The LED lamp is mostly used as a task light because its light is more direct and faster than fluorescent. It is interesting to know that LED light is similar to the solar light of an incandescent lamp, But it gets less hot. As usual, the price of LED lamps will be more expensive than fluorescent.

track lighting

The two-meter rail of the rail light is available in two colors, white and black. This rail provides the possibility to achieve local and desired light by placing rail lights on it. Rail lights can be moved left and right on the rail, plus the light itself can be rotated in place to achieve the correct direction. The use of rail lights is suggested in places where there is a need to create special lighting, such as galleries and some stores. Rails are needed to move the light around.

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Rail lights are one of the basic elements for lighting in commercial and store environments. These lights are easier to move by using tracking light rail and have more attractive lighting. Two important issues regarding rails should be considered:

First, there are usually three lights installed in every one meter of rail, and the raw materials in the rail must be such that it has a high resistance to the weight of these lights so that it does not bend and cause the rail to be destroyed. The material of the rail should be conductive and insulating.

Types of light switches:

Construction keys are mostly produced in single-bridge, double-bridge, plug-in, push-button, and lighted key models. There are other examples of these products, such as lever switches, dimmers, chains, and others, but they are less used in the construction sector.

Lighting switches are usually installed in a built-in way, but the surface-mounted models of these products have a frame and are used for a place that does not have internal wiring (built-in).

Types of sockets:

  • Normal electrical outlet: These outlets are the most used product in their group.
  • Electric outlet with earth (earth): These outlets have more safety than models without earth, but they are a little more expensive.
  • UPS power outlet (ups) or emergency outlet: These outlets are usually colored (red) and are connected to the emergency power system so that they can be used during a power outage. They are not usually used for residential purposes, but they are used in banks and offices.
  • Telephone socket: These sockets have a place to connect the telephone socket.
  • Antenna socket: It has a place to connect the antenna plug.
  • Network socket: It is used to connect the network cable socket and generally has non-domestic use.

Screwdriver tester

Another Lighting equipment is a screwdriver tester. A screwdriver is a tool similar to a screwdriver that is used to detect the presence of voltage. In this way, in addition to opening and closing all kinds of screws, to distinguish the phase wire from the zero, we put the tester in the socket or the end of the wire through which the current passes, and put your finger at the end of the tester and on the screw, if the tester turns on It is the phase wire. The Screwdriver tester works like a lamp, the human body has a negative potential, so it can be the negative pole for the very high resistance in the Screwdriver tester. For this reason, when you plug the phase meter into the electrical outlet, a very small part of the electrons that pass through the resistance of the Screwdriver tester enters the person's body and the lamp inside the phase meter lights up due to the passage of this small current. Phase meters usually consist of an edge, insulation, resistance, lamp, spring, and screw.

socket strip                     

We all need electrical outlets in our day and we use them to supply energy to various devices. But due to the increase of electric and electronic devices that need charging or direct electricity, unfortunately, there are not enough sockets in the workplace or homes. A power strip is a common choice that comes to mind. The solution to this issue is the provision of multi-port power outlets or multi-port chargers, which we purchase according to our needs.

Types of socket strips

 The types of power multiplexes can be classified according to the type of use, connection type, number of ports, voltage protection, and appearance design.

In terms of the type of use, socket strips are divided into two categories: normal and industrial. Conventional power is multiway suitable for use in low-consumption electrical devices such as computers, televisions, digital receivers, and home audio players. Many ways of industrial electricity are suitable for electrical devices with high consumption, such as refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, and industrial devices.

Lighting equipment price

Before considering lighting equipment price you should know a few things:

  • The first issue that is considered in electrical equipment is having the standard
  • Electrical equipment that has a high price must have a warranty.
  • Other examples of electrical equipment should have a reasonable price to buy.
  • Long life of products
  •  Quality and efficiency of electrical equipment

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Buy lighting equipment

If you decided to buy lighting equipment then you should know 7 important points:

  • Determining the amount of the money
  • Having enough information about the required lighting equipment
  • Paying attention to the brand and country of manufacture of the device
  • Attention to the features and capabilities of the product
  • Attention to warranty and after-sales service
  • Use the opinions of other consumers
  • Compatibility of the device with other household appliances