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lighting and ambient light are some of the most important elements that must be considered in interior design. In this regard, the pendant light can help a lot in this matter. In addition to providing light, these lights are very beautiful and can have a beautiful effect on your decoration.

pendant light

The design variety of hanging ceiling lights is so much that you can buy a suitable product for any decoration you have. This fixture can be used in both modern and traditional houses. pendant lights help you adjust the ambient light.

applications of pendant lights

These beautiful lights can be seen in environments such as stores and restaurants. Especially in restaurants where their decoration is very important to attract customers, choosing the right lights is more important. Colored lights can be used in stores to make the environment look more stylish and create a positive impact on the environment.

Pendant light for the kitchen

pendant lights are mostly used in the kitchen. In this way, you can adjust the light in the kitchen. These beautiful devices are available in different colors and are widely used in the kitchen. When deciding to buy pendant lights, pay attention to the compatibility between your decoration elements and in this way create a favorable harmony.

Pendant light for the bedroom

We have mentioned many times the variety of designs of pendant lights and said that these lights can be used in different parts of decoration. For example, we all know that the bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house and it is very important to pay attention to its decoration.

Therefore, these beautiful and colorful lights can be used to provide the right light in this room. If you can't create the right light in the bedroom, you won't be able to rest properly and have a good sleep.

Among the different colors of these lights, blue can be used. This color creates peace and a romantic atmosphere, and in this way, it will spread a positive effect on the environment. When deciding to buy pendant lights, try to pay attention to them and consider the connection and harmony between these elements as much as possible.

pendant light for bedroom

The dimensions and height of the pendant lights are different from each other. Other important features that should be considered when buying these lights are weight, power, body material, exposure level, number of lamp bases, the ability to change the lamp or LED, and remote control! All these items are different in different models of hanging ceiling lights and you can buy your desired product after the necessary checks.

Ceiling chandeliers are one of the types of lights that are widely used in the decoration design of various environments today. If you need ceiling lighting in your home environment, you can use modern, classic, fantasy, or other types of ceiling light. Chandeliers also have a high variety and are produced in crystal, classic, modern, etc. models. These products are produced in different models with different capacities. Customers can choose one of these lights according to their needs. As you know, one of the most effective elements in the beauty of the environment is the lighting element, which changes the appearance of the home or workplace by using different types of lights.

Fancy pendant lights

Pendants are one of the main elements of lighting in a space and give a special effect to your environment. These lights have a variety of models and are widely used. For example, you can use all kinds of chandeliers in your home to provide the central lighting that provides the light you need and is also considered an attractive and decorative element. So, you must first determine your goal of ceiling lighting to choose the pendant you want according to that goal. Another thing to consider when buying a product is its size. These dimensions and sizes completely depend on the space that uses this type of lamp to illuminate. For example, to choose the number of branches, you must pay attention to the area and height of the space. For smaller environments, use fewer branches.

buy pendant lights

In the past, it was common to use old and high-consumption lights. Nowadays, saving electricity has become more important. Therefore, people are looking to use lights that provide ambient light and create a beautiful space, while also consuming little energy. In this regard, lights have entered the market that use LED lamps or SMD and COB lamps in their interior. In their production, it has been tried to reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of the product. Nowadays, all kinds of indoor pendant lights are also made with LED technologies. 

Indoor decorative pendant light

Today, different lights with different uses are used to illuminate different parts of a house. For example, sometimes it is necessary to use pendant lights in addition to ceiling and wall lights. In this way, you not only give more effect to the space, you direct the light to a lower level. pendant lights are usually used in environments where the light needs to be closer to objects, or if it is not possible to use ceiling lights or wall lights, decorative or fancy pendants can be used .indoor lighting has different models, including:

  • Decorative or fancy pendant lights
  • Office or indoor pendant lights
  • Yard and park pendant lights

In general, when choosing and buying ceiling lighting, you should consider the style and decoration of the space. For example, its modern and sporty types usually have less brightness and are used in spaces where less and more decorative light is needed. But if you are going to use a suitable pendant in an environment like a luxurious reception, we suggest crystal or wooden pendants. In addition to providing lighting, they are effective in the beauty of your space.


Pollux is one of the brands in the lighting industry, which has presented various models in the market in pendant light. In general, decorative, fancy, etc. pendants are made of three different parts. A base part that is usually metal and can be installed on ceilings or different surfaces. When using bases, it should be noted that their firm connection on the desired surface is important. Another part of the pendant lights is the chain or connecting straps, which are connected to the lamp on one side and to the base on the other side and can hold the lamp. The last part of the product is the bubble collection and its lamps, which have different shapes and customers can choose one of these models according to their needs.

Indoor pendant light

These products are made in various interesting designs and models, the choice of which depends on the customers and the place where they are going to use this lamp. The use of artificial lighting in indoor environments complements public lighting, and, by choosing the right lamp, in addition to providing ambient light, you can also help to beautify that space. Of course, in using indoor pendant lights, it should be noted that it is not recommended to use hanging ceiling lights in places with short ceilings. So be careful when choosing them.

pendant light for kitchen

Indoor decorative pendant lights

Another point is choosing the color and model of the chandelier or pendant, which should be in harmony with other elements of your environment. Therefore, you must first choose the right type and color of the product when buying, so that even if you change the furniture and curtains, there is no need to change the ceiling and pendant lights. Paying attention to the height of the pendant is also a very important point in choosing this beautiful element. For example, if you have a high ceiling, it is better to use multi-story and more branched chandeliers. You can even use modern, classic, or simple pendants for spaces such as bedrooms and kitchens

Depending on the lamp model, different types of lamps can be used in the indoor building, and of course, to save energy, it is better to use models that work with LED lamps or low-energy lamps. You can visit the Light Home online store to buy pendants in various models, as well as to know the pendant light prices of pendants and chandeliers and buy the product you want.