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By creating the correct outdoor lighting, you can increase the appearance and value of the building. One of the most important parts that need accurate and professional lighting is the step lights. Stair lights should be done according to technical and aesthetic principles.

Except for the main lights that are considered for the staircase of the building, the hidden light of the stairs also has a great effect on the environment. But the question is, how should the lighting of the building's staircase be done? In the following, we are going to introduce different types of step lights methods. be with us.

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Why should we light the staircase of the building? Before you spend a lot of money to buy staircase lighting equipment, first give a detailed answer to this question. There are two purposes for step lights.

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The most important reason for step lights is to provide lighting. The space of the staircase must be completely clear so that all people can easily pass through it during the day and night. Providing lighting for the staircase is a vital issue, which is done in different ways, and we will talk about it in detail below.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is another type of lighting that is done to the modern staircase and the general atmosphere of the building. This type of lighting is often done after the main lighting, and they use colored or strip lights to make the stairs more beautiful.

Types of step lights

In general, one of the methods described below should be used as the main method for lighting the staircase. Of course, the methods can be combined to create a brighter and more beautiful space. The types of staircase lighting are:

Step lights inside the stairs

In this method, the stairs themselves are used for lighting. No external light source shines on the stairs and the main light is provided by the lamps placed on the stairs themselves. It is possible to combine this method with ceiling lights or staircase railings. There are several different methods of lighting using the staircase itself:

The upper surface of the stairs: in this method, the upper surface of the staircase is chosen in such a way that the lights can be placed in it. In this case, the lamps are placed on the top surface of the staircase and all the steps should be illuminated. The high strength and resistance of lights is one of the most important points that should be considered in this method.

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Front of the stairs: Another method is to place the lights on the front of the stairs. LED strips or small SMD lights are installed in the front part of the staircase so that people can easily see the next step to move on the staircase. This method is used less than other methods and is mostly decorative.

Under the edge of the stairs: Another method used as decorative lighting for the home staircase is to place the lights under the edge of the stairs. In this method, point lights or LED strips are used, and it is mostly used for prefabricated spiral staircases.

 Use of built-in lights

Nowadays, instead of installing lights that protrude from the wall, they use built-in lights to provide lighting for the staircase. This work gives an attractive atmosphere to the environment both in terms of appearance and is much more useful in terms of efficiency, and you can easily replace burnt lights in a few minutes.

Recessed lights are often placed on the walls of the staircase, and for this, a part of the wall must be destroyed. This point is important because if you do not intend to destroy the wall of your house, choosing built-in lights to provide lighting for the staircase will not be a good choice at all. Maybe it's better to choose surface step lights

The place where the stairs break: Another part of the stairs that is receiving more attention these days for lighting is the place where the stairs break. By placing strip or point lamps in this section, they increase the visual appeal of the staircase. This type of lighting does not affect the lighting of the staircase much and is mostly decorative.

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Use of double-sided lamps

One of the most interesting events that happened in the field of building lighting in the last few years is the production of double-sided lamps. These lamps are designed to be installed on a surface and emit light from both sides. Two-way lights are used for installation on the walls where the fence is located.

By installing two-way lights on the wall, both the railings on the side of the wall will be lit and the staircase will be illuminated. Note that two-way lights are mostly used as decorative lights and have a decorative aspect. So don't count on them as the main light

Staircase railing light

Stair railings are the best place for lighting, especially for houses that are duplexes or spaces with suspended and spiral staircases. Due to the continuity and integrity of the railings, it is easy to illuminate this part of the staircase with lights and different colors. There are two different methods for lighting the fences, which are:

Strip lighting of fences: you can use light strips in the upper or lower part of the fences. LED strips are the best choice for fence lighting. They both consume less electricity and illuminate the space sufficiently. You can also use LED strips with different light colors for this part of the building to be more compatible with the decoration of the environment.

Spotlighting of the railings: Another way to light the staircase railing is to use spotlights on the railings. At the end of the staircase railings, you can consider lights to illuminate the passageway in a point and direction.

Stair wall lighting

In addition to the stairs and railings, you can seriously count on the lighting of the staircase wall. Walls are always the safest parts of a building to provide light, and it is easier for them to wire and choose light frames. There are two choices for lighting the staircase wall:

Lighting with wall lamps: installing lamps on the staircase wall is the easiest and perhaps the cheapest way to provide lighting for the staircase. Just visit the chandelier and lighting stores to come across a wide range of wall-hanging lights. Step lights should be sized to illuminate the entire stair.

Lighting with hidden light: using the technique of hidden staircase lighting is more decorative, but in some cases, it is also used as the main light of the staircase. You can use the wall next to the staircase to install hidden lights.

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Ceiling stair light

One of the most common ways to light the staircase is to use lights that are attached to the ceiling. Although due to the difference in the height of the ceiling in the step lighting, this method does not give proper light, it is still used as one of the most popular methods for duplex houses or office buildings.

Use of staircase pendant lamps and chandeliers: Installation of staircase pendant lamps is considered more for places that have a small staircase. Duplex houses and office buildings and banks, which staircases are very small and low, are lit through these hanging lamps. Chandeliers are more decorative in interior decoration and staircase design, and they can also illuminate the space of the staircase.

ceiling chandeliers: For houses with very few stairs, ceiling chandeliers are also used to provide lighting. These chandeliers are installed on the ceiling of the house and due to their distance from the lowest step, they give less light to the lower steps and lighter to the upper steps.

Important tips for step light price

In the previous section, you got acquainted with various methods of lighting the staircase. But in a more general view, there are very important points that you should know before choosing the method of providing lighting for the stair and buying the lamps. In the following, we will examine some of these important points. step light price is difference and you have a lot of choices.

stair hidden light

Today, in addition to the main lights that illuminate the stairs’, hidden lights are also used to provide lighting for the staircase. Hidden lights are not the main light of the staircase and are more decorative. The hidden staircase light can be placed on the stairs themselves, walls, and railings.

Hidden lights are made in the form of strips or points, and due to their high flexibility, they can be used in any corner of the staircase. A very important point about the hidden light of the staircase is its different colors. You can choose the right color of light to make the environment more beautiful according to the decoration of the environment and the color of the wall and staircase.

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Use of natural light

One of the points that is often forgotten when choosing the right lighting for the staircase is the natural light of the environment. In the path of many staircases, some windows let in natural light. This issue is seen in apartments. Therefore, in choosing the right type of light for step lighting, you can also consider the amount of natural light in the environment.

Although the lighting of the staircase is mostly considered for the night and when the weather is dark, during the day, you can give a beautiful effect to the stair by using complementary lights of natural light.