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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting
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Outdoor lighting such as parks, streets, building exteriors, etc., using various types of lighting. proper lighting in these places not only makes the environment beautiful and bright but also increases security in the surrounding environment. Therefore, there are many outdoor lighting and indoor lighting equipment that help us in this direction.

This topic includes the lighting of the exterior of buildings, the lighting of monuments and statues, and the lighting of the exterior of your home.

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The lighting of different places is different according to the type of place and also its use. For example, the lighting of historical monuments is done in a way so that there is a kind of harmony between the shadows and the bright areas, which looks natural. It is especially important for statues of people.

The principles of outdoor lighting

Since buildings have large and often relatively flat surfaces. Calculations of lighting intensity can be used to determine the proper arrangement of spotlights. However, the lighting designer must pay attention to all the light and shadow effects of the surfaces, otherwise, the facade of the building will look uniform and smooth.

principle of outdoor lighting

In outdoor lighting, it should be noted that there are restrictions on the location and arrangement of lights that should be taken into account. Also, while choosing the light source to determine the appropriate color characteristics of the lights, the properties of the surfaces should be examined and it should be noted that this is not dependent on the normal criteria related to people's vision. Therefore, for example, for buildings that have sandstone, sodium vapor lamps with high or low pressure are used to make the building look yellow.

Therefore, the surface texture of the building or the facade of the building is effective in the design of lighting. It is possible to highlight a surface with an uneven texture almost parallel to the surface to create long shadows on the surface texture by using the lighting direction adjustment. Sometimes it is not possible to create lighting on a surface. This discussion applies to buildings that are completely made of glass. The glass surface is like a mirror and the reflection is only in a certain direction. Therefore, if the light shines on the building from above, the reflection is toward the ground, and if the light shines on the building from below, the reflection will be toward the sky. These reflections are visible and cause glare.

Outdoor lights

Some people commit illegal acts in the dark and lack visibility. The existence of this belief in these people that they will be seen in the privacy of other people and forbidden places if they enter without permission is a real deterrent from committing acts against them. Also, by providing sufficient lighting for the desired places, the possibility of inspection by security personnel is provided. In the lighting of parks, green spaces, and recreational areas, exterior lighting design has a high artistic aspect in addition to ensuring people's safety, and lighting is done to create special effects. In the lighting of these places, all types of light sources are usually used, according to the desired color and the size of the area for which lighting should be provided.

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Park lighting

For the lighting of green spaces and parks, usually, colored lamps such as special metal halide lamps in blue and green colors are used to make the foliage of trees more visible, as well as colored lamps such as incandescent reflector lamps that are shaped like They are parabolic and the front part of their bubble is colored, it is used. Among other lighting equipment for outdoor lighting, the following can be mentioned.

  • Step lights
  • Spotlight
  • Parking lights and linear lights
  • LED wall washer projector
  • LED projector
  • Ground lamp 
  • Lawn lights
  • LED string
  • Lighting sports fields such as stadiums

The lighting of sports fields, like stadiums, is another part of outdoor lighting. The purpose of lighting sports fields is to provide the necessary light and brightness for sports equipment, players, and the field around them. In such a way that all objects and people, regardless of their location, size, path, and speed, can be easily seen by players and spectators in any normal vision condition.

In the lighting design, measures should be taken to provide the appropriate brightness on the intended surfaces. The brightness of the sky at night cannot be controlled, but to have relative control over the brightness of the earth, it is possible to create an alternative earth for some viewing situations.

Important points in the design and lighting of the out outdoor lights

1.Intensity and color of light:

The first important point in lighting the exterior of the building is to pay attention to the type of color and intensity of light that is used in the design of this place. A very important point in this matter is that the lighting of the facade should not be annoying to the human eye and make the person refrain from looking at the facade of the building, for example, colors such as blue or white, because of their softness, have a beautiful, attractive and eye-catching effect. They give the appearance of the building and are considered one of the most popular colors used in the design of the exterior of the building.

2.How to install the light source:

Sometimes, depending on the conditions and in special cases, the light source used in the design of the outdoor lighting may be known to the public, but in most cases, due to the beauty of the building and the lack of clutter, this light source should be hidden and placed It cannot be recognized by other people.

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3.Coordination of building material with light:

The lights used in the design of the exterior of the building must be in harmony with the type of building materials. For example, the facade lighting of high and tall buildings should be done by lamps that have high light emission power and in other words linearly produce light.

4.Highlighting different elements of the outdoor lights:

One of the most important and main goals of outdoor lighting the building is to highlight the elements of a facade compared to other parts of it, therefore, it is very important to know and evaluate the important elements of the building facade, so the designer must pay attention to the architectural aspects of the building and if there are occurrences such as columns and porches, etc., act more carefully on how to design the lighting of the facade.

5.The compatibility:

The height of the lights on a building should be just right for that building. Different buildings need lights at different heights. The height should be calculated so that the most important parts of the building can be seen at night. The lights on the outside of a building need to match the area around it. If the lights don't match, it can be hard to see and it can bother people. The person designing the building needs to be careful and think about how the lights will look with the other buildings nearby.

6.Distance between lighting equipment:

The proper distance for lighting equipment should be determined depending on their type. Observing this distance in its correct and principled way will make different lights cover each other's lighting range and as a result, we will need less equipment for facade lighting.

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When you’re gonna buy outdoor lighting online, it is very important to pay attention to the intensity and color of the light, the way the light source is placed, and the coordination of the building material with the light. Dear users of POLLUX, if you want to learn more about the lighting of the exterior of the building, stay with us.

outdoor lighting in building

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Different methods of lighting the exterior of the building

1.Harsh lighting:

This method is the most suitable lighting method to show small textures and fine architectural surfaces on the facade of the building. If this method is used, it is not possible to show a large area of the facade of the building, and the lighting devices and tools suitable for this method are exactly on the same important parts that are supposed to be more attention and are installed.

2.Lighting from inside and outside:

In this method, we decorate the outside parts of a building like windows and balcony railings with lights. This makes the building look pretty and special. It's important to do the design carefully so it looks good. We also don't want to put lights under the windows because that would make people look at them too much.

3. Accent lighting:

By choosing this lighting method, you leave a lasting impression on the viewer's mind. Columns, windows, and balconies are among the areas that emphasize more on them, and a general harmony of the building is displayed.

New methods of lighting the exterior of the building

The modern methods of lighting the exterior of the building are divided into four categories: harsh lighting, lighting from inside and outside, one-handed lighting, and accent lighting.

Types of lamps for use outdoor lighting:

1.Earth or burial lamp:

Among the most widely used lamps for outdoor lighting, burial or ground lamps can be mentioned. These lamps are placed in the ground and are used to highlight different elements of the environment. The light of this lamp shines on objects in the form of a halo and creates very beautiful bright shadows. This lamp model is used for lighting the facade of the building, public spaces, and even indoor spaces. Among the different types of ground or burial lamps, we can mention LED lamps with colored lights. These lamps are used in different angles of light and cover angles of 120 to 150 degrees. They can also be managed with remote control systems and DMX digital control systems and produce a wide and varied range of lights. Another advantage of burial or ground lamps is their long life, that's why their maintenance is cost-effective and according to the place and position in which they are placed, they are resistant to bending and scratching.

2.wall washer lamps:

Another type of outdoor lighting is the wall washer lamp, which is used in the lighting of smooth walls. This lamp model can be created by putting together a set of small lamps. These lamps create a uniform production light that is very useful in the lighting of high-rise buildings. Of course, the amount of light and the amount of light emitted in lamps are different, and depending on the needs of the project, it is determined by the designer. Other features of these lamps include resistance to atmospheric conditions, humidity, and impact. 

3.Jet Light:

The use of jet light in outdoor lighting can increase the brightness and beauty of the facade of your building as much as possible. A Jet light is a type of spotlight that can be installed on the ground or any other surface and emits light linearly with high acceleration toward the top of the building. The material and design of the jet lights body are completely resistant to heavy snow and rain, sunlight, cold and heat, and corrosion. So, if you need a column light with a long-range to illuminate the facade of your building, you can use Jet Light for this without any worries.

4.Spotlights or projectors:

Today, LED lamps are used in projectors, so these lamps can have more exposure than their old models. Projectors are usually used in large and open spaces that require a lot of light, such as lighting the facade of a palace or a sports stadium, of course, these projectors must be designed and used according to the space in which they are used, for example, in situations where the goal We only care about placing an advertising banner, we should go for lamps with far less power than the lamps used in a sports stadium.

5.Light strings:

One of the main methods of lighting the exterior of the building is the use of LED light strings, in which LED lamps are used. These threads are installed around the window, fence, and other parts of the building. Due to the wide variety of designs and colors, light strings are suitable for any kind of taste and can give a very special and eye-catching effect to your view. Of course, the important point in using these threads is not to use them in such a way that their light shines into the house and causes annoyance to the residents of the house