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How to install ceiling light | Replace Step by Step

Feb 13, 2024
How to install ceiling light | Replace Step by Step

Many people think that installing ceiling lights is complicated, or they don't have enough time to handle the process, or they find working with electricity challenging and typically leave it to a professional. However, if you're interested in installing ceiling lights, we're here to teach you how to do it. While it's true that entrusting the installation to an electrician is a safe option, if you're comfortable using tools and pay careful attention, you can easily tackle the task yourself with the step-by-step guide provided below.


install ceiling light

Safety First

Before you start installing ceiling light, it's a good idea to first make sure you've read all the instructions thoroughly. Just as you read the recipe completely before cooking a dish, it is better to read the entire text of this article first and be sure to turn off the ceiling light before starting work.

How to install a ceiling light in a few simple steps

At first, we will briefly see what steps you need to follow for installation, and then we will mention the additional points needed for each section.

1- replace ceiling light

Turn off the power switch. Make sure the power is off. if the old ceiling light is in place, remove the removable parts and pay attention to the way the wires are connected. After you are sure that the power is off, start unscrewing the base screws that attach the light to the ceiling. Then slowly disconnect the electrical wires and finally put the old ceiling light aside. Before replacing the ceiling light, first, make sure that the new base can support the weight of the selected chandelier.

2- Installing a new chandelier

First of all, gently remove the new chandelier parts from the box. If it has parts to connect, do it completely and correctly. In the next step, we connect the chain to the chandelier and then connect it to the base of the chandelier. After making sure that the chandelier is properly connected to the base, it is time to connect the wires. You must connect the neutral wires and the phase wires. Be sure to connect the wires correctly. Finally, install the appropriate lamps for the chandelier and turn on the electricity3-

easy install ceiling light


Suitable height for installing a chandelier

The proper height of the chandelier installation can affect its performance as a lighting device or as a decorative device. You can adjust the height of the chandelier based on the size of the room, the size of the table, and the amount of light you want. The chandelier is indeed a factor in the beauty of the space, but its main and important function is to provide the lighting of the room. The brightness of the chandelier depends on the lamps and their height. There is no rule to find the right height of the chandelier and the only important thing is that its height is not so low that it hits your head and not so high that it cannot light up the house. Sometimes it happens that people do not pay attention to the height of the ceiling of their house when renovating a building and buying a chandelier, and they buy a large chandelier that is placed at a non-standard height after installation and may even hit the heads of tall people!

How to install pendant lights and ceiling lights with chains

Another types of ceiling lights and indoor lighting is pendant light. A hanging chandelier with a chain can be both stylish and functional. A long chain from which the light hangs can be shortened or lengthened easily by removing a few links from the chain depending on your preference and needs.

  • Installation steps with hanger or chain
  • Determine the desired height for the chandelier.
  • Connect the chandelier and the chain, measure the total length, and remove the extra links of the chain using pliers.
  • Chain the chandelier wires so that they are not visible after installation. If necessary, cut the extra length of the wires. Connect the bare ends of the wires by color. Transfer the excess wires to the back of the chandelier base.
  • Turn on the power.

How to install pendant lights and ceiling lights with chains

Installing lights and chandeliers on the high ceiling

To install a chandelier on a high ceiling, we recommend renting scaffolding for installation on a high ceiling. You also need a very tall ladder for this. Other steps are the same as installation for normal-height ceilings, but the work is a little more difficult. One of the main elements that you should pay attention to is the height of the chandelier. Although you may have a very high ceiling, the chandelier should come down to a height that will give you the right light. In this case, it is better than an expert

Installing a heavy chandelier

If you decide to install a bronze chandelier or any other chandelier model that weighs a lot, you should pay attention to the fact that if the ceiling cannot support its weight or if it is not installed correctly, it can cause the chandelier to tear and fall. become part of the roof. To solve this problem, the weight of the chandelier should be restrained with a chain on the ceiling, and use the propeller screw to maintain the balance of the chandelier. This method is suitable for ceiling chandeliers that have a small diameter. How to install a heavy chandelier For heavy ceiling chandeliers that have a large length and width, you must pass the chain through the middle of the chandelier place one or two rods along the length and width of the chandelier, and tie it to the chain located in the center so that the weight of the chandelier is on the rod. spread and to maintain the balance, restrain the chandelier around with the screw of the propeller.

Installing a heavy chandelier

install a ceiling light in the false ceiling

To install in the false ceiling, first of all, we must consider the weight, because the installation method depends on this issue:

  • Chandeliers up to 3 kg are installed only with butterfly roller plugs.
  • Chandeliers weighing up to 7 kg are installed using the round rod method described above.
  • Chandeliers weighing more than 7 kg are installed only with anchor hooks.

Steps of installing a ceiling light in a false ceiling

  1. Turn off or disconnect the power and make sure it is off.
  2. Mark the installation location on the ceiling.
  3. Determine the location of the chandelier base.
  4. If the base is bolted to the ceiling, mark the exact location of the bolts.
  5. Drill the exact location of the screws.
  6. Install the base and make sure it is secure.
  7. If the chandelier is hanging from the ceiling with a chain, make a very small hole so that it is not visible after installation.
  8. Connect the electrical wires passed through the ceiling to the wires of the chandelier. Make sure to connect the wires of the same color.
  9. Transfer the excess wire to the back of the chandelier base.
  10. Connect the power and turn on the chandelier.


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