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How to install track lighting | Step by Step

Jan 30, 2024
How to install track lighting | Step by Step

One of the most used lights for indoor lighting and decoration is the rail light, which we have included in this article to teach you how to install track lighting.

To learn how to install the rail light, we need to introduce this product first. In this type of lamp, all the light sources are placed in one stretch and on a specific path, the so-called rail.

track lighting installation

In this type of lighting, there is no need for separate wiring for each light source. The lights placed on the rail are connected to the electric current through the wiring inside the rail. attaching track lighting is the first to do.

The use of ceiling rail lights is usually recommended in environments with high ceilings. Rail ceiling light is most used in shop windows and decor. For install track lighting:

1.Choosing the size of the rail and preparing it

Light rails are available in the market in different sizes of 1, 1.5, 2 meters, etc., depending on the types of track lighting, your needs, and what size you want to use.

2.Buying a lamp

Note that these lights are abundant in the market, try to get quality material so that you don't have problems when placing or changing the direction of radiation. The yellow and white lights of this light are available in the market in different wattages.

light rail

3.Preparation of wires and cables

If the light wire is already provided, you don't need to wire it, and if you want to add the light now, you need to get a white 1.5*2 double-layer wire for the light. You can also use the normal single-strand 1.5 wire. If your ceiling is a false ceiling, you can pass the wires through the ceiling with a spring, if possible, otherwise you will need a duct to cover it.

4.Choosing the installation location of the rail and the number of lights.

The most important part of the installation is choosing the place to install track lighting, which you must pay attention to in the place where you install the light. Pay attention to the following points.

  • The light can rotate completely horizontally and vertically, so don't worry about this.
  • Based on your place, measure how many rails and lights can be used to illuminate the decorations.
  • The rail should not be too close to the objects, because the light of the lamp is diffused, and being too close or too far affects the light of the lamp.
  • Since the light projection of the light is high, be careful to choose the direction of the light and the rail in such a way that it does not hurt your eyes or the customer.
  • The rail is installed on the wall and ceiling; it depends on your needs.

choosing the number of lights

5.track lighting position

Well, after the above points, it is time to install the base. You should see where you are going to install track lighting.During mounting track lighting, pay attention to the alignment of the rail for the beauty and make sure that the screws are tight.

Tip 1: Choose the direction of the rail terminal so that it is closer to the power supply location.

Note 2: The screws should not be long and prevent the placement of the light, so be careful in choosing the screw and make sure that there is no impact on the rail during installation because it prevents the placement of the light in the groove of the rail.

6.rail connection

 In the picture below, you can see the part of the rail, which requires two wires, which are phase and neutral. Strip the wires and firmly connect them to the rail with the terminal screws, and then close the frame above the terminal. On the other end of the wire, You must connect to the phase and neutral using a switch, fuse, plug, etc.

rail connection of track lights

7.Placement of lights

The lights are generally connected by two rotating clamps on the rail. In the figure below, you can see the clamps of a 30-watt light sample

As you can see, the clamps are now along each other and it is ready to be placed. Now place the light in the rail and turn the clamps to the left or right side of the lights depending on the model.

Note: After mounting track lighting and making sure that the light is powered and healthy, if you see that the light does not turn on when you place it, the power supply of the light is not in the right place and the problem will be solved by moving it back and forth or placing it again.

Below you can see the part where the lamp power clip should be placed inside the copper blade inside the rail.

8.Setting the location

After placing the lights, you can easily adjust the lights vertically and horizontally.


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