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Types of Downlights: A Comprehensive Overview

Jul 09, 2024
Types of Downlights: A Comprehensive Overview

Types of downlight have always been one of the most widely used devices in lighting. By using downlight types, you can illuminate your desired space by occupying less space in the decoration. In general, types of downlights give a special effect to indoor lighting. what is downlight ?

what is downlight

what is downlight

If we look at the subject of lighting in detail, types of downlight include a wide range of lights to illuminate the place you want. It should be noted that in addition to maintaining the health of the eyes, the proper lighting of the space will also help to create relaxation. 

Although the downlight types differ in terms of appearance, the type of lamp used in them is effective in choosing and buying a downlight. The lamps used in this type of lamp will affect factors such as brightness and energy consumption. In the following, we will discuss types of downlights, which are divided into three main categories, LED, SMD and Cob, in terms of the type of lamp and the technology used.

LED downlight

When entering the lighting market, LED recessed downlight types presented a new generation that was widely used in all kinds of buildings. You can use this light in any desired environment and you will not have any restrictions for it. Illuminate your desired environment through the downlight types LED ceiling light and create a beautiful decorative space in harmony with it. Also, there is a wide variety of this model, such as strips, panels, strings, and others, which will transform the beauty of your desired environment.

downlight types

In the types of downlight, various panels including LED, SMD and other existing hidden lights are placed, which, in addition to their practicality, will be remarkable from the point of view of beauty. Maybe it's time to replace the old lights with recessed downlight types. Also, if you have a special decor in mind that cannot be used with hanging lights and chandeliers, downlight types are a very good option. Unlike the chandelier, which focuses on the lighting of a specific area, install downlight types used for the complete lighting of the home or work environment. Today, LED recessed ceiling lights are used in many offices, commercial centres, stores, educational centres and others.

SMD downlight

The distinctive feature of SMD downlight types of lights is using boards consisting of several LEDs or light-emitting diodes. This type of lamp is used in new lighting and lighting products, and because of its high quality, it is used in construction projects. The built-in SMD ceiling light will be seen as a luminous panel and will spread the light evenly throughout the environment. Although SMD lights are mostly used as auxiliary and decorative lights, their larger dimensions alone will light up the home and the desired environment.

SMD recessed lights are available in different sizes, designs and powers, each of these elements is effective in install downlight. Fortunately, there are different brands with their characteristics and applications downlight buyer's guidein the market, each of which is used to provide ambient lighting. The SMD downlight has a very low energy consumption compared to the usual lights, although it emits a very even and glare-free light. Their installation process is also easy and they only need a hole or cut to be placed in place.

COB downlight

COB downlight is the latest technology in this field, which stands for Chips on Board. COB technology refers to the way LED chips are placed on the screen or board on the metal base. This technology is unlike old and standard boards it is seen in LED lights, and the connections of LED chips are very compact and small. These advanced chips can be seen as a one-piece LED panel, uniformly illuminated and a luminous core. Compact chips increase the concentration of indoorlight and provide you with more brightness, besides it has much higher energy efficiency.


types of downlight

Round downlight

Round downlights can be considered one of the most popular and widely used types of downlights. Many downlight types of models are round or circular, in the form of COB (with a yellow light source in the centre of the lamp) or other forms such as panel or SMD. If your downlight is COB, its light will be of higher quality and intensity, but it will shine with concentrated and semi-focused light distribution (up to about 90 degrees), which means it will not have a wide light distribution. But using a built-in panel light will spread more light.


Halogen has always been one of the most popular downlight types. Although metal halide or halogen gases are no longer used in LED lights to illuminate this type of light, they are still known as halogen or halogen built-in lights or halogen replacement lights. By using a halogen lamp, you can beautifully illuminate small areas. By installing some halogens in a line next to each other, you can give depth to the space and make it look more beautiful by creating shadows and light (dark and light points). Among types of downlight, very modern types of halogen lamps are produced these days from anti-glare halogen lamps to all kinds of chalk and rimless halogen models that are used to maintain the minimal appearance of the space.

Recessed dark light

In general, a recessed dark light is a lamp whose light source cannot be seen from a certain distance, and when the lamp is on, you can only notice the effect of light in the space. The design of the light source of the recessed dark light is such that by placing dark-coloured lenses around the light source, the sharpness of the light is initially absorbed by the dark colour and the light shines gently into the space. This feature and the extremely beautiful and pleasant light of the recessed dark light have made it one of the most modern and remarkable types of downlight

Linear light

The most modern, beautiful and perhaps one of the types of downlights is the built-in linear light. The ability to customize in the desired size and shape, excellent light distribution, beautiful and eye-catching light and minimal and modern appearance are the main features of the built-in linear lamp. Perhaps it is not without reason that the linear built-in light has become one of the most popular types of downlight among architects and builders of modern and smart buildings all over the world. Built-in linear light is produced in various forms, including edged and edgeless built-in linear light. 

Downlight buyer's guide

types of downlight is one of the lights that can generally be found in any electrical or lighting store. But before buying, instead of searching the market, it is better to find out the differences in the price of types of downlights with a few simple searches. This difference in prices can be due to various reasons, including the quality of the body and construction, power consumption, light output from the lamp and its lifespan.

downlight for kitchen

First, determine the lamp model you need and what design and decor the building has. Consider the amount of brightness you want, because you will be limited in choosing the lamp from this point of view. Note that the built-in light does not spread the light in the entire environment and is used to highlight the object. In the following, we will introduce some important parameters when buying downlight types. Type of lamp: As we mentioned before, there are various products in terms of technology and appearance. As a downlight buyer's guide, you should choose each type of downlight according to your needs, advantages and disadvantages.

Type of installation

The type of installation of downlight types will also be an effective factor in their purchase. Sometimes due to the inappropriate position of the roof or the location

In the final part, we draw your attention to some important points that are needed as a downlight buyer's guide. This type of light has a low price compared to other decorative lights and is easily installed on the ceiling. It also gives a special effect to the house or place of residence and will be a good alternative to the chandelier. It looks like an attractive option due to its low energy consumption and uniform light distribution in the environment. You just have to keep in mind the maintenance conditions of the built-in ceiling light to avoid the possible burning of the lamp. Some of these points will be as follows:

You can use the COB built-in light in places where the light should be directly irradiated to the object, which is referred to as projecting light. Normally, this built-in light is used in showcases, stores, shops, museums, etc., so that the light can be focused on the desired object. Interestingly, this type of light is also used in holding an art gallery to make the work more visible. The light intensity of the built-in COB ceiling light is high and seeing its light directly will cause glare.

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