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Today, track light rail is an important element in the design and lighting equipment in commercial or public environments with track lighting. Due to the installation flexibility, as well as the possibility of using them in ambient and accent lighting, rail lights have attracted a lot of attention from users. Naturally, the better performance of this lamp is directly related to the rail.

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What is a track light rail?

lighting rail is a new system in modern lighting design. In this system, several lights are mounted on the same track. So, it will be very easy to change the focus of the lighting.

This lamp enables modern and dynamic lighting with the ability to be installed on the ceiling, wall, and different surfaces, and with the possibility of changing the beam angle. This lamp is one of the newest ways to provide internal light for office, commercial, and exhibition spaces with special architecture. Focused light is one of the most important features of the rail lighting system to attract more attention and show the details of the architecture and interior decoration of the building, the better effect of artworks in galleries, goods in stores, and showcases of boutiques and malls. In the ceiling rail light system, light sources are placed on the rail in a continuous path. The track on which the light is placed supports the weight of the light. The electricity required for this light is also transmitted by rail.

Rail lights come in a wide range of shapes and styles to match any indoor lighting. These lights are offered in two types: cable and magnetic. Among the types of magnets of this lighting system, there is a magnetic lamp with a pure brass body in golden color and a multitrack magnetic lamp with an aluminum body in black color.

Types of lighting rail

Notice some factors before buying track light rail:

  • strength

Because the weight of track light rail varies from 500 to 1500 grams (depending on the wattage, product quality, and heat sink) and it is possible to install an average of three lights on each one-meter rail; It should be noted that the rail does not lose its resistance over time. Therefore, the material from which the track light rail is made is very important. Also, the manufacturing method (pressing or extrusion or...) is not ineffective in the strength of the rail body.

  • conductivity

Copper wires (or other conductors) are installed in the inner body of the track light rail to deliver electricity to the base of the track light system and, as a result, light it. It should be noted that the conductive material used in the track light rail is also an important factor. Sometimes, due to the poor quality of the conductors, a lot of wasted power causes excessive heat generation, which, in addition to the possibility of affecting the light, may cause a fire. Therefore, if the track light systems are connected, the total power consumption and the maximum allowed current of the conductor inside the rail should be considered.

types of tracking light rail

  • Types of lighting rail

Today, there are three types of lighting rail available in the lighting market:

  1. L-SYSTEM (common single phase in the Iranian market)
  2. H-SYSTEM (three phases common in the Iranian market)
  3. SYSTEM (common single phase in the markets of some countries in the world)

This lighting rail is single-phase and is suitable for all the lights in the market and it is produced in two colors, white and black body. The body of this rail is made of aluminum which is produced by the extrusion method.

Buy track light rail online

before you decide to buy track light online You have to know some tips and how to install it:

The best place for track light rail is at a distance of 95 to 150 cm from the wall. Also, depending on the location of the table or the shelf, the best angle is around 60 degrees. By doing this, we have prevented the creation of sharp shadows.

For example, if the lighting rail is installed closer to the wall (less than 45 cm), the angle should be greater than 60 degrees, and if this angle is greater than 70 degrees, the shadows created on the work surface will be sharp and inappropriate, so during installation Pay attention to this point.

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Also, if the distance of the rail from the wall is more than 150 cm, there is a possibility that the visitor's shadow will appear on the displayed items, which is also not desirable.

The difference between the interface rail and the overhead line is that in the overhead rail, the useful length of the rail is 8 cm shorter than the connecting rail due to the presence of the terminal.

Design and energy efficiency

In addition to style, lighting rail in various lighting. these lights may not be physically flexible, but you can direct the light rays exactly where you want, and they can be easily separated from the rail.

After being stylish and flexible, the use of LED lights has also shown this type of lighting to be an excellent choice in terms of energy savings. Customization is another feature of rail lights: you can adjust or redesign the size and number of lights to suit your needs. 

Pollux light rail produced from the highest quality aluminum materials leads to the rail not bending and the rail light moving without any problems or interruptions inside the rail.

tracking light rail tips

Before using these lights, a suitable rail should be prepared for it. ceiling light rails are often made of plated and galvanized metal and are usually produced in two-meter branches in white and black colors.

Along with the rail, there should also be connections, which are used to place the rails together. Connections can be T, I, X, or L. A suitable rail should have the following features:

  • The chosen rail must be able to carry the weight of the lights.
  • The conditions of transmission of electric current and wiring must be provided for the rail.
  • The length of the rail should be proportional to the number of your lights.
  • The rail should be such that it is possible to move the light sources and change their direction.
  • It should be noted that the rail of these lights can also be installed on the wall.